Wossip - Tracker for WhatsApp APK

Wossip - Tracker for WhatsApp
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IMPORTANT: You can try Wossip for free for 24 hours. You need to purchase a license afterwards.

Wossip allow you to monitor the WhatsApp usage of your friends and family notifying you when they are online or offline even if they are hiding the last connection time or even if you have been blocked. It will also monitor if he or she changes the profile picture or status message (if their privacy settings allow it).

Wossip is very helpful to monitor the WhatsApp usage of your kids and family and it will show how much time the monitored contact have been connected to WhatsApp during the day.

Some features of Wossip are:
- Check the time and date the contact have been online or offline
- Receive notifications when the contact is online or change the profile picture
- Check how much time your kids are spending in WhatsApp

Wossip works flawlessly and way better than others of the same kind. Wossip is an independent service from Mobile Innovations, SL not associated to third parties.

Wossip - Tracker for WhatsApp APK reviews

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Jacqueline Morcos review Jacqueline Morcos
Guys I'm very upset. It used to work now it is not over a month now u say u r working on a problem. I purchased a monitor and it is stuck at the queue phase and no customer servicing. Either you help me or refund my money plz. Thank you.
Justin Gomez review Justin Gomez
Extremely unreliable. Paid 1 week subscription. Not long after, has not logged any activity for 3 hours now. Whereas, a competitors app, with a still active subscription logged everything over that same period. Support - I am here by requesting a full refund of 1 weeks subscription. On the grounds of failure to supply full services. Please reply asap. Thank you.
Jacqui Nelson-Bent review Jacqui Nelson-Bent
Rip off take your money but don't provide a service. Contacted support absolutely no help whatsoever. Took me ages to get hold of someone who took details and said O would hear from someone with 48 hours that was like 192 hours ago and I'm still waiting. I'll be reporting this App supplier
aish perams review aish perams
Worst worst aap. Request you to everyone, Don't waste your money and time, I made payment so many times but no monitoring nothing they are getting money but no service. My mobile is latest version we can't blame the mobile so they took money from us it won't work... Dnt install ths n dnt wast your precious time.
A Google user review A Google user
Jordanne Robinson review Jordanne Robinson
Worked really well in the beginning, was absolutely spot on. It seems now I am paying for the service it's no longer working to the best capacity. It's not picking up when a person is online, may get 1 or 2 notifications a day when it's more.
Manmohan Singh review Manmohan Singh
Disappointed.! Worked well for a day during trial period so I bought subscription for a month. Funny as it was, the app stopped updating after that. It has been two days since I saw any update while I can see the person online on Whatsapp. Don't fall for it.
Miss Lights review Miss Lights
How come it suddenly stop sending me information on the number that i'm traced right now? This service is not free okkk.. so pls do something. It's not fare to cheat us like this
vaibhav gaikwad review vaibhav gaikwad
I purchase a premium pack last night but it seems not working.i t still showing mobile number verification pending. And I am not able to see any details. So plz refund my money or solve it quickly
Sunil Lohani review Sunil Lohani
23rd Nov 2017.. Again Not working since 15 days.. Payment high.. Many times notification sound not active.. Same sound for different monitor Nos.. Just login logout only.. Who checked my whatsapp not available..
Sapper Gb review Sapper Gb
This worked for a few days but then stopped. I paid for two numbers, one never worked whatsoever and the service then stopped after a few day for the other number! Support never replied to my email and never pick up the phone.
jay j review jay j
The app is not working since 4 days and this has happened several times before. Sent multiple mails to tech support but its a waste of money ad they never reply
Esther White review Esther White
Downloaded the app, paid the fee and hasn't worked. Just says it's verifying the number and could take an hour, but it has been almost 4 and nothing. Very disappointing.
effie rockstar review effie rockstar
worked exactly for 2 days . though I payed for a month... what cheats... I want my money back. it's confirmed to not work for many hours... and then suddenly comes back on.. erratic
sandeep singh review sandeep singh
App stop working after some days. I had purchased 1month pack. Wastage of money. I contact with customer care but no any reply from them