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Pazu is a mobile games company that creates and publish beautiful digital games especially designed for kids.

Do you love to get dressed up? Are you a huge makeup fan? Then you will love Pazu’s new makeup game, special Wedding Edition! More than just a makeover app, this game takes us into the world of fashion and dress up in entirely new way. Become a bride on her special wedding day and choose your own make up, hairstyle, and much more all with this incredibly easy to use game.

Start your game play by choosing your girl or bride. The app has 6 unique characters, 2 of which are included in the free app and 4 additional characters are available with an in-app purchase. Once you choose the perfect girl to makeover, you can then go to the make up selection. With hundreds of different colors, products, and styles to choose from you will never get bored trying out different styles on your bride.
Once you have chosen your character, bride, and make up selection, the next step is to choose the right fashion. You get to be the maker of your characters wedding day fashion with this amazing app. The game includes a wide selection of different dresses for you to choose from, including both strapless and strapped dresses. The games fashion follows the latest available trends and dress selections for brides and princesses to choose.
After selecting the makeup, dress, and fashion you will then get the option to explore the jewellery and accessory fashion. With tons of necklaces, earrings, tiara and even wedding veil, your character will look like a true princess when you get through with her! Obviously, you also get to do your bride’s hair and choose the right hairstyle to go with her fashion selection.
The Makeup Girls Wedding Edition is truly a fun and entertaining game! What are you waiting for? Download this free game today and become your own fashion guru!

Features :
* Supports all devices.
* 6 Beautiful brides.
* Big collection of gorgeous bride dresses, wedding veils, jewellery and fun accessories.
* Experiment with dozens of different lipsticks, earrings, eye-shadow, hair color and much more.

* Easily adjust color shades.

Wedding Makeup Girls APK reviews

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Leesly Roman review Leesly Roman
This game is for 2 year can't do there make up.the only thing you can do is click click and click
CIera Lassiter review CIera Lassiter
I love this game they should make a difference one
Sonja Lautenschlager review Sonja Lautenschlager
Happy new fun
Hey I am going to see the new one of a Fabio thing
April jones review April jones
I like it but I hate when the other thing come up the crusa
Bree Ledford review Bree Ledford
Keeping you with us ???
Well, I love it.....and so does my granddaughter. We will be keeping you with us, knowing apps are always update! Keep up the great work!
Noureen Hasnat review Noureen Hasnat
It's ok
I like a little bit but not fully you just tap on it and that's it. :~[ I can't believe you Rosa Reyes?!?!
Miranda Olson review Miranda Olson
Make Up Girls-Wedding Edition
Loved it,make like 1,000 more
anil sharma review anil sharma
This is a let down I love wedding games but this left me not so sure come on u can do better to improve it
L. Shaw review L. Shaw
T's review
My 5 year old daughter enjoys playing dress up games. Every since she downloaded this game on my phone she always ask me if she can borrow my phone to use to play a game of dress up.
Kenzie Morris review Kenzie Morris
It sucks
Thered is nothing to do except put lipstick and hair on these people its so dumb
Heather Bartlett review Heather Bartlett
Don't install!!
You can play this game in 3 min and already used all the options. So disapointing.
Luis Echevarria review Luis Echevarria
I really want to play it I can't open it. It would be good if I can open it
Mj Hughes review Mj Hughes
Good bad rubbish
Veronica Nolasco review Veronica Nolasco
Ugh!! boring
It's so not fun,whoever thinks this game is cool is a loser and a sucker
Freyaolaf crazygirl review Freyaolaf crazygirl
I think it's great doing all these different looks and stuff.