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Mozilla Webmaker transforms Web users into Web makers. You can build original content like scrapbooks, photo galleries, memes, comic strips and more. The app's unique and flexible design makes telling your story simple and intuitive. Webmaker is free, open-source and independent.

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Shafiur Rahman review Shafiur Rahman
This app is very, very basic. Who wants a web presence like this? What am I missing?
Saif Aljabori review Saif Aljabori
This app is a joke! Did they give up on the development after the 1st week and published it anyway?
kk k review kk k
I cant create an account as it says my email is already registered, but it isn't. So i cant even open it. Many people have already cited this error but it seems nothing has been done to fix it.
Hisham Malik review Hisham Malik
Bit confusing
Good idea but a bit confusing in how to use it
Daniel Saburi review Daniel Saburi
No what I was looking for...
Found some use to this app, however still need more text options such as "align to right", "align to left", "justify" ... and I would like to choose if I put it online or not.
Fiona Wilson review Fiona Wilson
Well... It's mostly good. There are some strange glitches, like when I delete the greeting in text, it doubles itself, or when I can't make a link button or whatever work properly. Overall, it's a good app, but some fixes may have to be made, because these glitches I've encountered are just plain annoying.
Ondřej Michálek review Ondřej Michálek
If it really is so much about empowering the users, being open-source and independent, why does it require to register an account before even doing anything?!
Towfique Anam review Towfique Anam
Neither good nor bad
performance is bad on my nexus 7 4G LTE, has got plenty of room for improvement. I guess it will be better in the next edition
Jack Meoff review Jack Meoff
No documentation
After install you forced to join up create another account another intrusive app designed to harvest you info and track you.
Del Storm review Del Storm
Been using this as my goto...
... App for nearly everything for over fifty years. Including the dishes and I don't know about you, but Anthony Perkins was awesome in Psycho. With that Jame Hempfield from Atallica. Goodnight Spiderman and Facts of Life bloopers reel.[EDIT] I don't know if you remember but Phil Donahues wife warned him about getting to close to Chernobyl.
Michael McKenna review Michael McKenna
Wouldn't save reliably. Kept re-working and output wasn't great anyway
Justin Sleight review Justin Sleight
No Swiping?
Swiping between "pages" needs to be implemented, instead of having to always tap on the arrows. Otherwise great!
Ferd Ari review Ferd Ari
Very good app
Madhavan Naidu review Madhavan Naidu
really nice stuff
Kem Ko review Kem Ko
Another POSA.
Makes an easy task problematic.