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Shop the world’s best closets.

Vestiaire Collective is the world’s leading marketplace for pre-owned luxury fashion.

Join the community of over 6 million fashion lovers who are using Vestiaire Collective to buy and sell authentic pre-owned designer items from brands such Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Celine, Gucci, Hermes, Rolex and Cartier. Every week, more than 20,000 new bags, dresses, shoes, watches and more are added to the site!

With the Vestiaire Collective App, you can:

· Browse 300,000+ pre-owned designer items from over 10 countries at a fraction of retail price.
· Shop with peace of mind. Every item is checked for quality and authenticity by our team of experts before it is shipped to you.
· Search by brand, category, new arrivals, size and more.
· Never miss a purchase. Create alerts to receive notifications when a specific items land on the site.
· Payment is hassle-free and secure. We accept card payments and Paypal in €, £ and $.

· Easily sell items you no longer wear to boost your shopping budget.
· It takes just a few minutes to list your items for sale. Simply snap a picture of your item and fill in the relevant information.
· Manage your sales on the go. Wherever you are, you can receive notifications of your sales and keep in contact with potential buyers.

· Keep in touch with the Vestiaire Collective fashion community. Make offers to sellers, add items to your wishlist and share the products you’re currently coveting.
· Follow members whose products and style you like.

Vestiaire Collective APK reviews

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Den Currie review Den Currie
Crashes Constantly
You'll spend forever unintelligible and installing. Appalling app
Hayley Henderson review Hayley Henderson
Constantly crashes
It works once and then the app won't open. The only way for me to get it to work again is to delete the app and install it again...then repeat. I only persist in this frustrating manner because the concept is great and I've bought some wonderful items on there. I just wish to hell the makers would fix the app!!!!
Arwa Omar review Arwa Omar
Max Williamson review Max Williamson
The service is a good idea but the app is ridiculously buggy, crashing every other minute, and the app needs a lot of revision. The app messages fly around in French, even though the app is set to English. I can only negotiate offers in USD even though my settings are in GBP and the words on the buttons disappear. This is the single worst app for a marketplace ever. Absolute madness.
Sandra Halliday Gribben review Sandra Halliday Gribben
Gets worse with every update
Enduring listed below still applies but as well as that the brand new update just crashes continuously. Is it really so hard to make an app that's functional on a basic level? If only this app functioned as well as their iPad app it would be great. But items often don't load, the Just In items don't always appear and when they do, they only show about half of those that appear on the iPad app. I've done several comparisons with the same search on my iPad and my android tablet. So be warned, if you only have an android tablet or phone, you're missing items! It's just a mess and given that the website itself doesn't work very well on Android, it's such a shame. Please improve it as it's a great website.
Oliver Stueck review Oliver Stueck
Very bad
Not sure who is responsible for such a bad app development but the app crashes constantly. Notifications are not loading. The entire user interface and user flow is a disaster (absolutely not intuitive!). Buying and listing is a hassle (if the app does not collapses) well as finding items.
Mulika Harnett review Mulika Harnett
Crashes when listing items for sale
Listing is a long process as it is but when the app crashes repeatedly, it just makes it all the more frustrating. Will be uninstalling as I only downloaded as it was supposed to make selling on the site easier.
Keah Halstead review Keah Halstead
Gilly Riera review Gilly Riera
Vestiaire collective
Sorry but it does not function tried to respond to an offer of sale in my account and it does not open.
rukshana begum review rukshana begum
Doesn't allow you to filter anything!! have to go through everything single item which is ridiculous!!! Sort it out!!!!!
Tanisha Palmer-Murray review Tanisha Palmer-Murray
App won't open.
The app seems to have trouble opening, haven't been able to go on it since downloaded :/
Tunos Stark review Tunos Stark
Great app
Finally Vestiaire on the Play Store! Almost as good as the iPhone one. Love it!
ChangGamer255 review ChangGamer255
No search for specific item? Lame.
ania andzia review ania andzia
I have bought lots of handbags from them and I love the service they provide. I highly recommend it.
Vanshion review Vanshion
boring and not really good