VaporCam APK

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VaporCam, surreal photo editor, dedicated to creating the coolest vaporwave.
Sit on a time machine full of neon lights, taking you to 80 or 90s.
To stagnate or immerse in a dream filled with steam.
To feel modern in nostalgia with the real sense of being out of the body.
Feel the charm of vapor waves in desire, emotion and freedom

● Filter
Special Lo-Fi low fidelity effect.
It's like a flash back on 80s, looking at a rough, frame-hopping videotape.
The hallucinations of intoxication and darkness are both dizzying and addictive

● Sticker
Hundreds of vaporwave different style stickers Resources.
Sculpture, dolphin, collage, 80s arcade and pixel style ….
Bright and psychedelic colors and retro rich elements.
We're all ready for you.

● Template
The template that VaporCam has carefully matched for you will piece together and reorganize the dizzying elements.
Making it easier for you to fit into this romantic and psychedelic world.