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The UFC app is the ultimate tool for the dedicated fight fan! Get breaking news, exclusive video, live streams, and watch Pay-Per-View events directly on your Android device. Sign up for UFC FIGHT PASS to watch exclusive UFC FIGHT PASS events live. Plus, get access to the world's biggest fight library, featuring UFC events plus PRIDE FC, STRIKEFORCE, the WEC, and more.

You can also use the UFC app to browse fight cards, check broadcast times, and look up fighter profiles, while the 'Alerts' feature allows you to set up alerts on your Android device for breaking news, fight results, and ticket sales.

Schedule – browse cards for upcoming events, check broadcast times, buy Pay-Per-View, watch interviews, press conferences and fight videos, set broadcast reminders, buy tickets, and see results for past events.

News – the latest breaking news on UFC fights, fighters and operations, direct to your Android device, as it happens.

UFC FIGHT PASS – the UFC's digital streaming service is home to the world's largest library of fight video and also hosts live streams of UFC Fight Nights and other top fighting promotions from around the world, including GLORY Kickboxing and the Eddie Bravo Invitational submission grappling series. Each UFC event also features Early Prelim bouts which air live and exclusively on FIGHT PASS. Sign up for a free 7-day trial at UFC.tv

Fighters – browse fighter profiles by name or weight class and check out the official UFC fighter rankings.

Alerts – set up alerts to your Android device for tune-in, breaking news, results and ticket sales.

Tickets – buy tickets for UFC events direct from your Android device.

Fantasy – access the UFC's fantasy game UFC Pick 'Em and predict fight results and win methods to earn points and prizes.

Octagon Girls – get the lowdown on the UFC Octagon Girls with facts, figures and photos.

Photos – access exclusive photo galleries from UFC events around the globe.

Find Bars – use the 'Find Bars' service to find venues in your locality airing UFC events live.

UFC APK reviews

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Matthew Cordonero review Matthew Cordonero
Awesome app
Does everything it says it does, don't expect more
Nath W review Nath W
Informative, but...
Used to add direct to my Google calendar, but recently comes up with error messages saying cannot add. Please fix.
Diego Mejia review Diego Mejia
Very buggy
Don't know if it's just on the HTC One M8 but I can't stream anything on the app. Always says "there was an error, please try again."
Ian G review Ian G
Black out?
Let me get this straight. I pay £6.00 a month for fight pass yet can only watch some fights? Is this a joke? This should not be available until you can watch every fight in every country!
Josh Eggie review Josh Eggie
Everything is blacked out!! Haven't watched a event yet such a money scam by the UFC
Marc Paulin review Marc Paulin
Horrible UI. Barely usable. Awful app. Do they understand the concept of material design? Doesn't appear so. It's a major pain to find anything.
Altus Waters review Altus Waters
The content is great, but...
can we get an update for the fighter's rosters? There is no mention of any of the women's devisions and there are fighters missing in the men's rosters. Also, the application constantly logs out and I have to reenter my password after a short period of time has passed. If there is an option to stay logged in, it doesnt work.
Vincent Martinez review Vincent Martinez
I paid 50 dollars for what? The fight is blacked out because it's on TV. Got the subscription because I don't have cable. What a rip off. Should let me buy the fight if I'm in a blacked out area. Waste of money
tory reyna review tory reyna
Does the ten dollar subscription cover the live fight ppvs because thats wht i thought it was and thats how it works with the wwe app
mario rodriguez review mario rodriguez
Works good on my tablet. Takes a while to download. Thank U.?
Fe Be review Fe Be
Ufc tv
The worse app ive ever downloaded!!!! Total rubbish... Tried it on smart TV, ipad & phone. Works nowhere! Ufc tv? Lol I can view more on utube!!!
Ivan Martin review Ivan Martin
Ugly UI.
Please get someone who knows about Android's Material Design guidelines to design a new app.
Jacob Yarnold review Jacob Yarnold
When I pull up a fight card, it only lists the main card fighters, no prelims. Also, when I look up fighters it will only show 3 fighters per weight division. Fight pass works well though, that's the main use of this app for me. Thanks.
Johnny Martinez review Johnny Martinez
Why am I paying for fight pass events that end up blocked by my state anyway? What a robbery
Andrea Rogers review Andrea Rogers
Not worth it.
Local fight nights or Ultimate Fighter shows are not available. I kept it a while for access to Invicta fights, but those fights aren't frequent enough for me to pay for this monthly, biannually, or annually. It is awesome to have access to fights in other countries, but I'd rather be able to watch what's local especially:since I can't normally watch it during the time it regularly airs. If we're paying for this app we should be able to access all ufc content. Uninstalling.