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Twitter for Android TV
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Watch the best of what’s happening.

Watch live sports, entertainment, and news like never before on Twitter for Android TV. Live stream the show for free and get the full story with all the Twitter commentary. See what everyone is talking about with expert analysis, on the ground exclusives, bonus video feeds, and celebrity buzz. Get the best of Twitter today plus top global Vine videos and Periscope broadcasts, all without logging in. No account required.

Twitter for Android TV APK reviews

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Zach Peterson review Zach Peterson
All it does is play Twitter videos. It doesn't even let you view your timeline.
Ivan Vučica review Ivan Vučica
Pointless. I understand you want to push Moments, but that's useless: where's my own timeline?
Ala Hadji review Ala Hadji
very bare bones. looking forward to some updates
Sam Carson review Sam Carson
The whole point of Twitter is the login.
Lewis Boltz review Lewis Boltz
It's a good start. Loaded a little slow on my Nexus Player and controls felt a bit sluggish when it first loaded. Once it was fully cached, it worked a bit better. I'd like the ability to log in and see my feed as well, but a solid effort. Can't wait to watch more live events on here!
Raymond Durk review Raymond Durk
I would love to log in and be able to like or retweet these videos. I most likely wouldn't tweet normal thoughts, but that would be a nice touch. That feature use to be on the old Google TV's running Honeycomb.
Celso Braz review Celso Braz
Can't login... That's not a feature, that's a bug!