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Shape nature and watch it develop. Plant trees and grow a forest. Climb a mountain and enjoy the view. Collect berries, mushrooms or nuts, and feed the different animals. Learn who eats what and discover how much it takes to winkle a bear out. Walk through different landscapes and become friends with a fox. Capture the moment of woodpeckers zigzagging between trees, and watch the day turn into night.

Find new friends and challenges. Be mesmerised.

Discover the unexpected. End up somewhere far from where you started.

Let us show you the magic of nature!


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Toca Nature APK reviews

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Taiya H review Taiya H
i really liked the game but my mum got mad at me for spending money on it, how do i get a refund?????????
Megan Herbst review Megan Herbst
So fun
You can check out animals there awsome
George Rohl review George Rohl
George Rohl
It's awesome
Ashlee Coffey review Ashlee Coffey
It is the best game ever and its good to let the kids know whats happening outside of the house
Heather Barr review Heather Barr
A cute
Special effects man of viva video review Special effects man of viva video
Very cute
Cute animals worth $1 99
Aliyana Cherry review Aliyana Cherry
Love it
So. Cool the red fox is so cute!!!
Honey Beale-Collins review Honey Beale-Collins
It's really cute and fun to play, but whenever I make a world and I come up with a new idea, I have to chop down trees, flatten mountains and get rid of lakes. It would me so much easier if there were multiple worlds!
Kristina Kiah review Kristina Kiah
This is a very cool game! If you are creative and thoughtful, this is for you.
Hallman Home review Hallman Home
Good game but no save?!
My daughter loves it. It has Minecraft like playing style. I would rate it higher but there is no game save option.
Hayden Waring review Hayden Waring
Great idea with nice graphics.
Nice fun game, only issue I would like to be able to change controls when zoomed in, as I seem to want the directions reversed. But other than that it's great.
Geoman DashRex review Geoman DashRex
One Of the Best
You get to make Nature! It's really fun and creative!
Cynthia Blizzard review Cynthia Blizzard
Out door
But no out yay
Daisy Duncan review Daisy Duncan
This is a really fun game but I don't like how it costs money :):(
Michelle Delgreco review Michelle Delgreco
So awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This game is so fun!!! You get to collect food and feed the animals! And get fish from the pond!!! Berry's sprout everywhere, mushrooms, and acorns too! This game is so much fun! My sister plays it with me!!!