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You rule this Town, a play world where anything and everyone is welcome! With different locations and many classic Toca Boca characters, the everyday adventures in Town are infinite.

Move around in town! Visit the store to buy groceries, stop by the restaurant to cook lunch, and head home to watch movies with friends. Run over to the park for a picnic and go for a swim in the pond. Build a sand castle or go on an adventure in the dark? In this Town you decide!

Play cops and robbers today and hide and seek tomorrow, the story is up to you. Use your imagination to create your own world and play together with friends and family.

There are treasures hidden everywhere. Turn on and off lights, toss garbage in the bins, or wrap up a present in the store to give to friends. Throw stones in the pond and tap the sun for day and night. Remember there are no rules so don't be afraid to interact with anything, even the toilet!

Toca Life is a series of apps that takes you beyond the map of Toca Life: Town and let you discover new places within the Toca Life universe.

- 21 characters to play with. Do you recognize any of them?
- 7 locations to explore - park, pond, store, police station, restaurant, house & apartment
- 30 different dishes to cook in the restaurant
- Go on adventure - light a campfire and sleep in a tent
- Control day and night
- 5 different animals to play with
- Open game play with no rules or stress
- Kid-friendly interface
- No third-party advertising
- No in-app purchases

Toca Life: Town is made for kids as young as 3 yet can capture the imagination of those much older. It's filled with surprises and exciting things to do - there are no limits, just fun! Come play!


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Toca Life: Town APK reviews

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Gidgit Pepers review Gidgit Pepers
We asked for a new update but no you go and make a new app im deleteing this app because instead of makeing people happy you want to make money
Joe Tanche review Joe Tanche
It won't download BTW this is my dad acc so I'm a girl and this thing won't download
John The Galaxy Man review John The Galaxy Man
Cool app
Very fun for my 4 year old
Melissa Rosin review Melissa Rosin
Game will not open
Have uninstalled and reinstalled several times. Have tried shutting down and restarting my tablet as well but the game will not open (message: ...has stopped working). Very disappointing...and now out 2.99.
Rcahelle Pinto review Rcahelle Pinto
Like , the best game ever
You should play this game?
Aoife Mc Garrity review Aoife Mc Garrity
Love it
When is toca city coming out on play store. I love toca town because you could do any thing you want.
Abbey Piercy review Abbey Piercy
5 stars
I give this game 5 stars because it is worth 2.99 i love it soo much its amazing ??
Johannes Mostert review Johannes Mostert
Make some new shops and stuff it's a waste of money
chloie cruz review chloie cruz
Cant even open it, i want a refund
Jennifer Johnson review Jennifer Johnson
Can you add more places to go to and more characters please ?
Beatrice Sefa review Beatrice Sefa
Awesome game!
But can u plz add customizations for characters?
Mohammed Foudah review Mohammed Foudah
Please update
need schools , make the pets sleep , hospital , happy and sad faces , bus , pet stor , a farm with some seeds to discover what plants what and more characters I mean why cant there be an old lady I like this game but kind feell boaring becuse I am repeating the storys again and again please ,
Asha R review Asha R
Great Game
I love this game but I have recently looked into Toca Life: City, I can't wait until you make this available on my android phone. Also, I think that Toca Boca should create a virtual pet game, that would be great.
tomoyo hakana review tomoyo hakana
can you make
can u put a school in the game if u do it i will give u 5 star
M M review M M
Please add toca life city too!!!