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The Iron Monster Buster
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The story of the Iron Monster Buster suit is complicated and meant for another time. What you need to know is that monsters are attacking the city and you must smash them. Before that you have to go to the root off the problem in the middle of the city. In this crazy world your purpose is to run as fast as you can towards the monsters, collect as many radioactive coins as possible to power up your suit and run faster.
Be the super hero that the city needs, not the hero that it wants. This game is not for the soft hearted men. You have to jump from one building to another at supersonic speed and be careful not to fall because if you do, the momentum will crush you.
Download our runner game and become a crime fighter right away. Enjoy the features of your favorite super heroes in a single, incredible game.

Awesome Features:
* Easy control.
* Lots of toxic coins for you to burn.
* Challenging and addictive game play
* Awesome and realistic graphics
* Simple and fun to play for all ages

The Iron Monster Buster APK reviews

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abd rahim zurina review abd rahim zurina
Mthe Miron Monster Mbuster
Niccole Johnson review Niccole Johnson
Loved it
Best game ever!!!!
Robert Bush review Robert Bush
Massive ad support
Could even play the game 6 ads in 30 seconds well guess what, you got uninstalled ads in games get uninstalled a free trial no ads get more of a purchase chance
santosh kumar Mahobiya review santosh kumar Mahobiya
Very good
Angelo Pablo review Angelo Pablo
Great game
Pooye Millings review Pooye Millings
Zak Mitchell review Zak Mitchell
Love it
The graphics are just boss
Umeshkumar Gajjar review Umeshkumar Gajjar
Vismay Patel review Vismay Patel
Very good game
This is very good game by developer. Nice graphics.
Jakhongir Madaminov review Jakhongir Madaminov
Love this game
Great game, i like it verry much. I like Avengers and hulk smasher. Great idea
Sian review Sian
The iron monster buster
Awesome Features. Easy control. Lots of toxic coins for you to burn. Challenging and addictive game play
Wisedo Mediaworks review Wisedo Mediaworks
Good game. Nice graphics and challenging gameplay. Works well.
Dana Kaplar review Dana Kaplar
Really nice
This 3d running game is very nice, but the camera is to close to actually make play fun
Asma Naz review Asma Naz
Iron game
Very nice game. Nice graphics and design and great fun
Mian Rock review Mian Rock
Good game
Awesome work perfect..coool cooool coooool nice ....