The Amazing Iron Spider APK

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Be a super hero and prove yourself in this new game for your mobile phone. This is no task for ordinary men because you have to jump from one building to another at supersonic speed. Cross the city of ruins, gather all the coins you can and be careful not to fall because if you do, the war against villains will be lost. Download our runner game and become a crime fighter right away. Enjoy the features of your favorite super heroes in a single incredible game.

Cool Features:
-Fun and easy controls
-A lot of coins to collect
-Challenging and addictive game play
-Cool and realistic graphics
-Simple and fun to play for all ages

Enjoy this awesome game!

The Amazing Iron Spider APK reviews

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Will Slappey review Will Slappey
I hate it it has bad graphic design you suck at designig games
Zach Young review Zach Young
I wanted to barf when I played it
Naina Sabir review Naina Sabir
Love u
Like u
John Johnson review John Johnson
Amazing Iron Spider
The game is good. Very interesting and addictive. Smooth and great!
victor Sun review victor Sun
Nice endless runner game for lovers
Ryan Pedersen review Ryan Pedersen
Annoying ads and extreme difficulty prevents this game from staying on my device.
Due Date review Due Date
nice game .
nice and awesome game iron spider man. good work on 2D nice
Raymond Beasley review Raymond Beasley
Very cool
ryan cheng review ryan cheng
yogesh yadav review yogesh yadav
Simple app
Very simple and easy but quite interesting
Somdutt Rajoria review Somdutt Rajoria
This is super amazing game and really I like it a lot.
Sandip Singh review Sandip Singh
Good for start
Add more features into it and make little easier so people can score in thousands.
Richard Nero review Richard Nero
Excellent app. Nice layout. Good work designer good luck
Farhan Khan review Farhan Khan
Very rough game needs to be much improved, but nice try,,,,,,
Benny Bharath review Benny Bharath
Who the hell took time for creating this game??