Subway Surfers APK

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DASH as fast as you can!
DODGE the oncoming trains!

Help Jake, Tricky & Fresh escape from the grumpy Inspector and his dog.

★ Grind trains with your cool crew!
★ Colorful and vivid HD graphics!
★ Hoverboard Surfing!
★ Paint powered jetpack!
★ Lightning fast swipe acrobatics!
★ Challenge and help your friends!

Join the most daring chase!

A Universal App with HD optimized graphics.

By Kiloo and Sybo.

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Nice game
king will1738 review king will1738
Noor Amro review Noor Amro
Um...kinda good
It's just becuase it's boring And nothing changes. what only changed the decorations and the thing that we should collect what I mean by decorations is the way that you're playing in like you're going right left up and down so its just the same way wich never changes at all in the game itself I really wanted a new thing... And when I make sure that you did the changes I'll give you 5 stars and a better comment.
Ninja Subhag review Ninja Subhag
The game is lagging after the update. In Greece it's good. It's not my phone's problem because it runs asphalt 8 very well. Please fix it so I can give 5 stars. I am giving this as it lags 2 times in ten seconds. Android is 5.1.1.
masuma syeda review masuma syeda
What's going onnn?
I scored (8648520) but my name is coming under bronze section???? Whyyy? I'm terribly angryyy .this game just diserve 0 ?.
Jason Connors review Jason Connors
Liverpool Street and the other side and the other side of the best way to get the latest and greatest hits out at the moment you can get a chance
I am a tt the UK and Ireland and the other side of the best way to get the latest and greatest hits out at the moment you can get a chance to win a free email service and the other side of the best
joetta earley review joetta earley
Love subway surfers but...
Its getting on my nerves that it keeps glitching and messing up and pausing on me while im in the middle of playing i realy love playing i can play all day just mad it keeps glitching befor the update it workd so good now its just annoying please fix it!!!
Jennifer Byrns review Jennifer Byrns
Please help.... Game not working right...
Me & my kids love this game so I will give the 5☆ rate it deserves.... I'm not doing the whole rate with 1 ☆ unless you fix my problem.... *BUT.... mine has gotten a bad glitch with the update.... it will freeze for just a sec right @ the time your supposed to move and the character won't move.... therefore she will crash & burn.... it's really upsetting.... (& aggravating) Will you PLEASE HELP WITH SAID PROBLEM?¿?¿? PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE... WITH A CHERRY ON TOP.... :( I will ♡y'all forever.... ;)
Michaela LeBerte review Michaela LeBerte
How much I love this game
I love this game. When I first got my tablet I didn't know what to get but, when I found out that everyone had it and sayed they loved it so much I wanted to see if it was t that cool so, I got it and loved it. I wish I was the person who made this game cause if I did then I would be geing a text like this I would love myself just for making a game like this. Anyone who has this game and doesn't like it then their crazy. I wouldn't know how someone wouldn't like this game. I love this game . I just love it
Shah Faisal review Shah Faisal
Cool and addictive But.
Actually I love the game but there should be Something to save our progress i mean if we uninstall the game or if we change the device i mean (Phone ) than after that we should be able to recover our progress by Facebook or you can add Google Plus account feature like in other games. Rather than that everything is perfect about this addictive and awesome game I promise to give ( 5 STARS ) in future if this issue is solved in next update I promise.
Xx_Fashion Queen_xX review Xx_Fashion Queen_xX
Love this App
I am obsessed with this game and I highly recommend it. BUT There could be some improvements like: Giving us more in the Mystery Box, by adding more coin bags, add more keys instead of one, decreasing the money u spend on Characters cuz they're more expensive than they should be. Making more upgrades and extra power things. Overall it's an awesome game and highly recommendable and a lot can agree with my improvements and Kiloo, I hope u take my advice on this, I would love to see a change in this game
Jesphin Joseph review Jesphin Joseph
Its Awesome!!
Its is an really addictive game. There a bit lag other than that its okay. Its a good game to get it doesn't take that much space either.
Tia Lovestone review Tia Lovestone
Subway sufer
Fun game. connects to facebook so you can compete with friends . filled with new task/mission everyday so you never get bord . great music and graphics. Lots to buy so u constantly won't to play earn coins and purchase upgrades or new characters. I love this game
K P review K P
Complaints and needed to be fixes
My name is KC and I have a few complaints. I love the game! The quality is pretty good. And another thing, I want like a make your own character (for 30,000 coins). Also please fix the glitching. 1 second I am getting a ton of coins the next second the game killed me this can get REALLY irritating!!! [ : ( Also some of the beachballs are impossible to get.
Soo nice game. Ok very good I love this veryyyyyy much. It is my favourite game that I have ever played. My brothers love this game. Soo nice....??????