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Square InPic - Photo Editor & Collage Maker
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Square InPic is a powerful, but still very easy to use photo editor and collage photo maker. Create amazing high quality pictures and collage photo grids using various frames, stickers, backgrounds and texts.

Square InPic Photo Editor lets you add custom background images as borders to make your beautiful pictures even more special and unique. You even can create instasize square pictures using built in No Crop feature if you still prefer the old, but nice Instagram square picture style. With this photo editor any picture will be perfect! Apply hundreds of emojis and make your selfie pictures more expressive!

Square InPic is All-In-One Photo Editor and Photo Collage Maker with many amazing filters, backgrounds and emojis.

★ Has been Featured on the Google Play home page - sign of great quality ★

Add filters and text to your pictures
Add great filters and typography to your photos.
We have high quality filters so your selfie picture will truly stand out from the rest!

Photo Grid maker
Use the Collage option to create beautiful high quality photo collages.

No Crop feature
The easiest way to post high quality instasize picture on Instagram without cropping them! One click and you got your square photo for Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.
No more frustration when you have to crop your great full size photos before posting them on social networks.

Fine-tune your pictures with Contrast, Brightness, Saturation etc. tools.

Simple and easy to use interface
Simple, but powerful user interface helps you to get job done much quicker.

Blurred background
Create beautiful pictures with nicely blurred backgrounds. Available only on Android 4.0 and up.

Emoji stickers
Unleash your creativity with hundreds of Emoji stickers. Make your stylish selfie pictures to stand out from the crowd. Available only on Android 4.0 and up.

Developing quality apps requires months of effort and dedication. To keep the development going and to recover my costs, this app uses ads for monetization.

Square InPic Photo Editor is not affiliated with Instagram, Facebook or any other social media.

Square InPic - Photo Editor & Collage Maker APK reviews

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Bazooka Blvd review Bazooka Blvd
Wish it was able to square a pic off with the sides being like 'double' but it does the Job..
Bob Diddlebob review Bob Diddlebob
It used to work and I loved it, but now when I put any filter on the photo it goes back to the start screen and I lose my work. Please fix.
lily laguri review lily laguri
Yes ,I can post my whole pic anywhere in any time ?
Diamond King review Diamond King
I Love This App. Its So Beautiful And I Love Emojis Because I Have An Android. Just Download It.!
Maddy Cowdery review Maddy Cowdery
I love it, I think it's really clever because I have always been jealous of other people's instagram picks so now I can get them back with this awesome new app!
Love it
Jessica Donnelly review Jessica Donnelly
This is the best frame app hands down. I love the ability to resize photos easily and place multiple pictures in one frame
Yvonne Lesbirel review Yvonne Lesbirel
Excellent App.
Easy to add photos to Instagram without cropping & therefore not loosing the whole photo! Great choices of filters and borders etc. Very pleased!
Poonam Tomer review Poonam Tomer
I loved it
I need some more text designs!!! I hope you add more text designs in your next update :)
jenna Depalma review jenna Depalma
Galaxy 6 good application but
It's pretty good. Or is annoying that in 2015 the Galaxy 6 or newest phone's don't have these applications built in its good but just good
Aftab Ahmad review Aftab Ahmad
It's awesome.
Everyone should have this app in their phone at least. :")
Trisha Payne review Trisha Payne
Great app!
Let's me post any pic without having to crop off half of it.
G Terry review G Terry
Keep up the good work
I like the app a whole lot never have problems with it.
Ian Oguguo review Ian Oguguo
I like it , you can keep your resolution while resizing the photo itselft to fit.
Really good
Anni Brugger review Anni Brugger
Pretty good!
I just wish I could choose pictures from several folders when I'm making a collage. Also when I'm sharing the picture with Picsart and want to add some text there, the text gets super blurry. Is there a way to fix this or is that problem caused by Picsart? Also the pictures in a collage actually are a bit cropped and I always have to fix it from hand.
Abbie David review Abbie David
Works fine
It's been really helpful. Wouldn't mind more cute backgrounds.