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Single Scull
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The official event of sports festival "Single Skull" appeared in the game!

Boat race that you can play with easy operation!
Tap the screen with good timing and aim for a good time by rowing the boat fast.

You can earn a lot of coins if the race rankings are good. If you level up with the acquired coins, the boat becomes faster.

If you record a good time in the race you can aim at the top of the ranking. You can enjoy racing with rivals registered in the rankings.

· How to play the game
Playing the race, you can earn coins.
By raising the level with the acquired coin, you can speed up the boat.
Let's speed up the boat and aim for the top of the ranking.

· How to operate during racing
Tap the screen after the race starts to move the boat.
When you tap the screen at the timing when the gauge is full, the boat becomes faster.
If the tap is successful at the timing when the gauge is full, the combo will be activated. Keeping the combo makes boat faster and good time can be expected.

· Contact
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