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Parents, manage your child's cafeteria account. Make payments, view purchase history, receive low balance alerts, and view school menus containing nutritional and allergen information for items. For convenience, setup automatic payments to replenish their cafeteria funds. Know what is on the menu at your child's school cafeteria and provide feedback by rating and sharing items. Favorite your child's favorite items and SchoolCafé will send you a notification to let you know when it's on the menu.

Students, use SchoolCafé to check out what's available on the cafeteria menu each day. View nutritional and allergen information to help you make healthy decisions. Use "Make a Tray" to build your meal for the items available that day and see the combined nutrient information. Give your feedback to the school cafeteria by rating items. Favorite specific items on the menu so that you can know when they'll be available in the cafeteria. Connect to your cafeteria account to always know your account balance and have access to your digital ID card.

SchoolCafé is powered by PrimeroEdge, the leading school nutrition management software for K-12 school districts in the United States.

SchoolCafé is available for participating schools only.

SchoolCafé APK reviews

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Jenifer O'Connor review Jenifer O'Connor
My child's school was not listed. He is at Bryan Harmony Science Academy. This app is useless to me since I can't even set it up.
Michael Roura Puaatuua review Michael Roura Puaatuua
Totally love the fact that I'm not having to find parking, go to the office and wait in line with all the other parents, just to add money to my kids lunch account. With this I'm able to see when their balance is low rather than having to guess and I'm able to reload at my leisure! 5% is well worth the extra time and hassle it's saving me!
Last update caused app to not allow me to get in to acct with username or password and when I click on forgot username or forgot password none of those features work now so I can't get in no matter what I do...
Cheyenne Defee review Cheyenne Defee
Last update won't let me make a tray.
Leticia De la rosa review Leticia De la rosa
It wont show what my child has purchased....
Rick Dougherty review Rick Dougherty
Terrible company
The school recently just switched to them and my wife's account did not switch over and it says that it does not exist. So I try to register an account and it will not register it just freezes. I tried calling the company and all I get is a voice-mail to leave a message.
Candra Potts review Candra Potts
Never works
I've tried several times to use this app add funds to my kids lunch accounts. The screen seems to stay blank despite me being logged in. It's just easier to take money up to the school.
Phyllis Padgett review Phyllis Padgett
Worked when pc wouldn't
I had to install the app because the PC version wasn't processing the payment. According to the company, this is all brand new, and they are ironing out the glitches. That's all great, but getting money to the account shouldn't be a 3 day process.
Randa Weuve review Randa Weuve
Not working
Might be a great app but it doesn't work. Tried the web version and seemed OK. Why put up these apps if they don't work?
angela murphy review angela murphy
Not impressed
No refresh button to see account balance after payment. App doesn't allow update of preferences like Low balance alert warning
Megan Bird review Megan Bird
App not working
I have logged into the app and can open the menu but when I select a category, nothing happens I just get a green screen. I cannot view purchases or add money.
Madeleine Avent review Madeleine Avent
The app itself is fine. I use the computer usually, but I suppose this is more convenient. I don't like the 5% fee as others have stated. It's the same fee online, so it doesn't matter how you access. Every year the lunch goes up some and I have 3 in the district. We are just over the threshold for reduced lunch so it sucks. And I don't see the menus, only transactions. They should waive the fee if you put on automatic payments!!
Shaun Michel review Shaun Michel
Convenience fee is absolute fraud. Even if you submit $ to school they have to use the portal to add to child's account thus you still get the charge. Filed with BBB and wrote to school district. They assured we weren't the only unhappy parents and they will be switching
Kevin Brown review Kevin Brown
Ripoff 5% "convenience" fee per payment? Convenience for who? Not me. And why isn't PayPal a payment option? It was for My Nutri Kids. Hate this app, poorly designed, limited payment options, and even though I signed up, no history is available for either of my kids.
rebecca torres review rebecca torres
Purchase history is always 3-5 days behind. I hate the $20 minimum limit & after reading other comments I didn't even know there was a fee I need to look in to that as I don't remember reading anything about an extra fee. Customer service sucks get different information everytime I speak to someone and now they're trying to blame the school district for the delay which the school says they have nothing to do with the app. This has been an ongoing problem since school started almost 2 months ago & its still not fixed. Maybe the school district should find another company to use.