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Rise of the Iron Bat
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Ready for an endless runner game with your favorite super heroes, Iron Bat and Iron Joker? Rise of the Iron Bat is a free runner and jumper game with a simple control and of course addictive game play. Your objective is simple: Survive and avoid hitting blocks and walls, while jumping from one building to another and running on the roof top.
Through your exciting and adventures journey, you get to collect coins and lots of power ups. The power ups, for example will enable you to fly and the coins let you unlock the Iron Joker character. The number of overall collected coins is also useful, when it comes to competition with friends. The rule is simple: whoever collects more coin, is the winner. It makes you want to play the Rise of the Iron Bat more and more.
So, where does this Iron Bat come from? It’s your superhero character, the Iron Man with a whole new suit. We, at the Brain Freeze corporation, have prepared this prototype which uses ultra sound echolocation sensors for precise targeting. And using this new suit, the Iron Man can fly like a Bat. So, we call it the Iron Bat suit. So, it’s time to rise for fame and fortune.

Is it Easy to Play?
Endless runner games cannot succeed unless they offer an easy to learn gameplay. The Iron Bat needs just a simple touch on the screen to jump over the walls and buildings. Once you’ve collected enough power-ups and activated the Fly mode, you just need to touch the Fly button, so the Iron Bat starts flying. Note that, flying is not always your best strategy and you should use it very carefully. If you touch the screen while you are jumping, your super hero character will jump higher to avoid hitting walls.
The gameplay and character’s control is really easy, but the big challenge is to decide when to jump, when to jump higher and when to fly. Remember, your goal is not just surviving, you need to collect coins and power-ups to proceed in the game and your personal challenge can be breaking your own records.

An Action Adventure Game with realistic 3D graphics and Surrounding Sound
When it comes to super hero and fiction characters, believable graphic is the top priority. The Rise of the Iron Bat delivers an impressive 3D graphics and once you play the game you’ll be surprised how well the characters have been designed, and how detailed the environment, buildings and walls have been created.
And don’t forget about the Cool Game Music which makes the game even more realistic.

Rise of the Iron Bat Main Features at a Glance:
Realistic 3D graphics and user interface
Easy to learn game control
Surrounding game music
Super hero characters with whole new suits
Coins and Power-ups to collect
Addictive game play
Fun for all ages
The Rise of the Iron Bat is for those who like superhero comics and are in to endless running and jumping games and looking for some cool game to spend hours with. The 3D graphics, surrounding sound, super-hero characters, collecting coins and power-up challenges, easy control, and addictive gameplay are some of the reasons to try this action adventure game for FREE.
Good Luck and don't scratch the suit. It’s new ;)

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Mohamed Maadhu review Mohamed Maadhu
I LOVE these games
Archit Marjit review Archit Marjit
It's okay
Good game
Taurus Green review Taurus Green
Iron man
MANANJAY Mukherjee review MANANJAY Mukherjee
I like this game
حمید یرفی review حمید یرفی
Liked izt
Dyllyn Payer review Dyllyn Payer
It's like it skips
Every time I play it skips like a movie
Aakash Khade review Aakash Khade
Love this game
Jessica Proctor review Jessica Proctor
Suzanne Thomas review Suzanne Thomas
Great Game !!! This game is amazing wonderful game. I am a top gamer. Would like it if entire game Iron Bat on my screen ..Thanks
Angelo Mcclay review Angelo Mcclay
Its the best game ever in the world.
Lillian P. Green review Lillian P. Green
Superb Game! When I first time download it i had ironman in My mind But Now it's gone bcoz it's really workable & fantastic game...Love it. So it's really very funny & work out for me Then I recommended to all of you try this such a amazing game Rise of the Iron Bat...Thanks for the developer to provide us this kind of great Productivity App>>>Rise of the Iron Bat<<<
Chaotic Fantasy review Chaotic Fantasy
First DL :D this game is awesome as ****
The only problem I had was that I lagged a lot... but then I realized that it was my tablet that had less than 1 mb of space :D keep making games like these!! I'm totally going to tell my friends about this game! :D
Izaiah games review Izaiah games
Why I like Batman but this is just weird ?
Game is good need to repair good graphics
A Google user review A Google user
I hate it dame