reddit is fun golden platinum (unofficial) APK

reddit is fun golden platinum (unofficial)
reddit is fun golden platinum (unofficial) screenshot 1reddit is fun golden platinum (unofficial) screenshot 2reddit is fun golden platinum (unofficial) screenshot 3reddit is fun golden platinum (unofficial) screenshot 4reddit is fun golden platinum (unofficial) screenshot 5reddit is fun golden platinum (unofficial) screenshot 6reddit is fun golden platinum (unofficial) screenshot 7reddit is fun golden platinum (unofficial) screenshot 8reddit is fun golden platinum (unofficial) screenshot 9reddit is fun golden platinum (unofficial) screenshot 10
"reddit is fun", commonly abbreviated RIF, gives you a fast and intuitive interface to

"reddit is fun golden platinum" is ad-free.

Want early access to new features? Use this beta opt-in link:

TABLET and phone optimized, and with WIDGET. And Moderator features!

Cross-device HISTORY SYNC via!
Set it up in Menu->Settings->Synccit

Your settings from the lite version will be copied over.
Install golden platinum and launch it once, before uninstalling the lite version.

• INTERNET - The Internet
• BOOT - to restore mail notifications on device boot
• EXTERNAL STORAGE - thumbnail caching
• ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE - detect connection speed
• GET_ACCOUNTS - associate Google account with custom themes
• MANAGE_ACCOUNTS, AUTHENTICATE_ACCOUNTS, USE_CREDENTIALS - add reddit accounts to system Account Manager
• VIBRATE - for mail notifications
• NFC - share current page via NFC
• READ_SYNC_SETTINGS, WRITE_SYNC_SETTINGS - sync web preferences with
• BILLING - purchase Reddit Gold, and premium custom themes (but currently all themes are free)
• WAKE_LOCK - for various background processing (e.g., mail check, widget) supporting Android 8.0

reddit is a registered trademark owned by reddit, Inc., and used under license.

reddit is fun golden platinum (unofficial) APK reviews

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Sanjula Akalanka review Sanjula Akalanka
Great app
Best Reddit app on android, when scrolling past the page divider blue streak appear on the divider when scrolling (nexus 6p)
None OfYourDammBusiness review None OfYourDammBusiness
Very good
Very very good app.
Nathan Lyman review Nathan Lyman
Unable to load anything when logged in since new update.
Robert Robles review Robert Robles
Crashes every time I try to open a link
This my go to reddit app. It just uodated, but now it crashes everytime I try to open any link. Almost unusable.
Craig Kelly review Craig Kelly
Needs more for the money
Would have liked to see more benefits to purchasing this app. Could have just stuck with the free version. All that being said it's still a great app and it is only a couple bucks.
Tyler McLachlan review Tyler McLachlan
Only reason it's not five stars is that it regularly crashes when trying to load imgur albums with more than three pictures on my Verizon Samsung galaxy S5. Edit: Not only was that issue fixed, but it's been made even better since I first reviewed it!
Much better than the official app. Moved from iphone and alien blue this is as close to the alien blue experience as you can get.
Alex R. review Alex R.
Going on 5 years now and it's still the best reddit app out there. It's one of the few apps I use daily. Highly recommend it!
Markus Simonsen review Markus Simonsen
It's amazing. Simply amazing. Lots of features, and still looks nice. Runs very smoothly, but doesn't look outdated. This really is the best Reddit app. This is why I bought this
Andrew Lewis review Andrew Lewis
Love the app. They made it where you can disable YouTube playing in RIF app so I'm happy again.
dustin graham review dustin graham
Great app
I have been using the free version for so long I don't enjoy using the website anymore. I like the fact that if you purchase reddit gold the ads are removed from the app. I bought a years worth of reddit gold to help support the site and after that expired I have now purchased the paid app in order to support the developers. Awesome job. Keep it up!
Mitchell Aki review Mitchell Aki
Better than the reddit official app
I used RiF free for a long time and finally paid for GP. I don't regret it. I also tried the reddit official app and it's not as good as RiFGP. Sorry, reddit. Even with free gold the app isn't up to par with RiFGP.
Ole Roßmann review Ole Roßmann
in app twitter
this is my most used app by far sadly had a little problem with the in app browser being not able to accept the terms of use on every single twitter post leaving me unable to read twitter posts through the app otherwise 10/10
Joel Conner review Joel Conner
Still the Best
Still the best Reddit app. I have tried many but always come back to this one.
roger elizondo review roger elizondo
Great app
Only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 was because I had to manually add all the content filters I had from the lite version.