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Prototype Iron Wolverine
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In this secret extraterrestrial testing facility you need good running skills to survive. Your mission is to test the Prototype Iron suit, the most impressive created so far by the Brain Freeze Corporation. This is a suit with the hardness of iron and the ferocity and strength of a wolverine, out of proportion to its size. Keep your eyes wide open and gather all the iron cores to revive. Collect the coins to buy power-ups and more powerful armors, like the Alien model of the Iron Wolverine suit that has a deep obstacle detection system and increased durability. The curve detection system and extreme durability are the main features of the Tech Iron suit. So let’s see if you can get out unharmed of this maze of doom.
Features of this awesome game:
- Extremely cool armors to test
- Impressive sci-fi 3D graphics
- A lot of power - ups to collect
- Many achievements to unlock
- Easy controls
- Cool game music
- Challenging game play
- Fun for all ages

Prototype Iron Wolverine APK reviews

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Akhil Amal review Akhil Amal
PiTa TuPoU review PiTa TuPoU
Hate it
So caked
da6gauge1 review da6gauge1
It's ok
Frayango Dami review Frayango Dami
Awesome game
Asdjanko Hyf review Asdjanko Hyf
wolverine is the best haven't had a problem with it yet! Hopefully it will stay that way!
Anne Eyre review Anne Eyre
Cooool I'm starting to get addicted to this game.
A Google User review A Google User
Gears Good game, Powerful armors, like the Alien model of the Iron Wolverine suit that has a deep obstacle detection system
Dorothy Hill review Dorothy Hill
Awesome! A must install game for all superman/batman fans. It’s challenging and weapons are extremely awesome :P
Jungen Müller review Jungen Müller
Love it! Great game, great graphics, so addictive and awesome gameplay. Thanks!
John Stewart review John Stewart
BEST GAME! This is the BEST game ive ever played!!!!!! ?
Dharmendra Bam review Dharmendra Bam
My favourite games
Radu Goguta review Radu Goguta
Just like Iron Man only bad*** like wolverine
Avadanesei Mihaela review Avadanesei Mihaela
Nexus 5
Loved the Iron man & Wolverine mix! Gg! ^^
Valentina Racaru review Valentina Racaru
I had fun with Iron Wolverine! nice graphics! good game!
Tritean Rares review Tritean Rares
A dash of Iron Man and Wolverine with a maze of running! Fun to play!