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The Precitec ProCutter App is used to display the cutting head condition during operation and to query error messages. As an option the app can also be used to set some sensor value parameters. The app connects via Bluetooth with the laser head and shows the sensor values in different windows. There are seven different windows: connection, temperature, pressure, optics, errors, IO and system.

• Connection: shows active Bluetooth devices in the network
• Temperature: shows the sensor values of the four temperature sensors
• Pressure: shows cutting gas pressure and purging air pressure
• Optics: looks different, because of different laser head types
- Normal: focal positions, potentiometer offset, diffused light, lens configuration.
- ZoomCutter: aspect ratio replaces the lens configuration.
- Manual: just diffused light is shown.
• Errors: shows active error messages. If no error exists, the screen is empty.
• IO: shows the IO-interface, with analogue voltages, currents and signals.
• System: laser head firmware version and serial number.

Besides, in the system window there is a button. This button starts the record of the measurement values. The measurement values are stored in a *.csv file, which is created in the memory of the used device. The App has two access modes, USER and OEM. The determination is regulated through two different PINs. Users with USER-rights can define the memory location and the sampling rate of the .csv file. Besides the USER can change his own PIN. The OEM can additionally configure thresholds for the laser head. Furthermore the OEM can change his own and the USER-PIN.

The functionality of the app could be restricted, because of different laser head firmware versions. The IO window is not supported with firmware lower than 2.0.0. Also the one-time PIN algorithm is not supported for firmware versions below 2.0.3. With this algorithm a one-time change of your PIN is possible, when the PIN was forgotten or wrong entered.

The App works just as a display when the laser head is connected through CAN. It is not possible to change any thresholds with the App and the IO window is hidden.

The manuals in English and German versions are delivered in the pdf-format within the app. During the first start of the app, after approving the GTC, both versions of the manuals will be stored in the download-section of the used device. Besides it is possible to open the manual in the settings of the app. Depending on the used language in the device the German or English version will be shown. To display the manuals a pdf-viewer is required.

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David Picard review David Picard
Very good, very usefull but so hard to connect!!!!! Tried with Sony, Samsung S6 and Samsung A5 and same problem, If there is something I dont understand please explain, otherwise I find it very difficult to connect to cutting heads!