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Ahoy Mateys! Build your island, become a Pirate King and get filthy rich along the way! Start your pirate adventure with pockets full of free gold coins. Spin the wheel to set sail, uncover treasures, battle rival pirates and steal their loot! Drop your anchor in this online multiplayer game and show’em what you’re made of! Destroy other pirates’ islands, plunder riches, seek sweet revenge on your enemies, and expand your pirate empire in this thrilling building games exploit!

Spin the wheel and Set Sail!
The Pirate Kings Wheel is your key to greatness. Spin to win heaps of coins and use them to build your island. Erect structures, grow your fleet and create the paradise island of your dreams. Play online multiplayer games, that also make great kids games, and attack rival islands owned by your Facebook friends or random pirates. Shoot cannons to destroy the scallywags and escape with their fortunes. Protect your island from invasions and dig for gold in this free-to-play building game. Yo ho ho!

Recruit Pirates to Your Crew
Once you’ve established your pirate empire with additional islands, you can start recruiting more pirates to your crew. Station them on your paradise islands to plunder and protect your land and earn you more coins. It won’t be long before you run the world! Not bad for a swashbuckling freebooter! But you’ve got to prove your bravery in the online multiplayer games first, so destroy enemy pirates’ islands, shoot cannonballs and get your revenge. Heave Ho!

Best Pirate Game Quests, Chests & More
Shiver me timbers! This building game is packed with features that will unleash your competitive pirate spirit. Battle, take revenge and steal to rule the high seas!

✔ Get the Super Spinner and multiply your coin prizes
✔ Recruit pirates to work on your paradise islands and they’ll grow your fortune
✔ Open chests to reveal extra spins and special bonuses
✔ Go on action-packed pirates quests to win even more and brag to your Facebook friends

It’s a pirates game like no other!

Join the Pirates Battle
Jump aboard with Pirate Kings and join your Facebook friends in one of the best free-to-play pirate adventure games on mobile! It’s competitive, action-packed fun for adults and if you’re looking for kids games, you’ve found one! So put on your pirate adventure hat, grab your sword and build your pirate islands kingdom! Hit the download button to get our addicting games now, raise your sail and snatch your first coin treasure!

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nat alie review nat alie
Hi you sent me a reply . I have in fact played this game enough to notice that when some one starts off an island they get more than enough shields and do not get random attacks very often but when the island is near completion the wheel hardly ever gives shield and every one and their dog randomly attack , this is not fair and not right . also it only takes two or three hits for an entire object to be destroyed yet there are 5 stages to complete the object.
Paul Langdon review Paul Langdon
Like most apps that you can spend real money on its a typical algorithmic scam. You spin the wheel and curiously you never seem to get quit enough of those darned extra spins, attacks or defences?. You get lots of 1000, 5000 wins which are useless once you get over level 100. So that's it folks you are going to get VERY bored once you reach level 200 in about ten days unless you spend real money. Oh yes and anyone on Facebook can keep going in again and again and stealing your gains as many times as they
Gary Negri review Gary Negri
Joke and pirate Kings now this well
In the long run app s waste of time 50% all spins you get land on 1000 spot .a total waste of time .you get more shields when you don't need them then when you do .joke u can be robed up to 5 times in one day 10 - 12 in two day's you will go no where in app .wheel doesn't go up in money stay's the same for whole game but everything u buy goes up big in price so what's that tell you .(yup JOKE APP ) will they fix app make better nope joke on who ever gives app the time hahaha
Sabrina Hall review Sabrina Hall
Me and my kids love this game.. wish there were more ways to win more spins besides those surveys.. more attacks are needed and the wheel needs to be fixed it ALWAYS stops between items more than it lands on actual items. We need more spins I CANT say that enough. You do want us to CONTINUE to play the game for FREE Maybe developer can add more shields.. other than that this is a great game with great effects that keeps us coming back! I would give 5 stars had I not mentioned all of that previous stuff..
Meliea Taylor review Meliea Taylor
Really fun, but I don't like that most of my money gets stolen from me. :/ Basically lost 2 million coins from 2 people within a few hours. Random people can steal from me when the spin wheel tends to land on 1,000 or 5,000. :/ Makes it harder to save for my island.
Laura Cheung review Laura Cheung
I hate this game so much. It ruined my life.
Firstly, it ruins friendships. Secondly, the spins takes too long to refill and therefore, a waste of time. Thirdly, they need to let us win more of the better options such as attack, steal, spins, and defend instead of just winning money all of the time. I find it rly funny how they make u feel rly like when u play it for the first time cuz they always let u win the good stuff to get u hooked. And lastly, because of all of this, it always makes me in a really bad mood, like now, because of the frustration.
Wendy Lafi review Wendy Lafi
Pirate kings
Very difficult to progress when you get to higher levels as the spins only land on small amounts of cash so that you have to purchase extra spins or gold. Very sad really as I enjoyed playing the game in the beginning now just feels like a money making app
1stDash review 1stDash
Very Disappointed, a Waste of Time.
Ok at first as a game to waste time, but just had my time wasted by the game. I have just found out that while you are online playing the game you can still be attacked & therefore you lose the money you're trying to earn, this is after waiting hrs to get the spins needed to play the game..... This is the 1st game of this type that I have had do this as most stop attacks while you are playing the game live. So I'm not going to have more time wasted & I'm going to un-install. Very Disappointed.
Jade Nunn review Jade Nunn
I'm not happy with this game
I've managed to get a lot more than 3 shields and I've had one person attack me and it's left me with 2 shields if I don't get them back I'm not going to bother with the game no more
Daniel Cragg review Daniel Cragg
Videos won't load
Normally when I have finished my spins I wud watch a video for 1 free spin and I would do that 3 times but lately the videos haven't been working as they don't load or open ggrrr ?
Jorja Connal review Jorja Connal
Great game but...
I feel you dont get enough spins, if it could be like at least 10 every hour that would be great! And also its rubbish I can't attack friends without having to do it through Facebook. You should have a search bar where you can add other people as friends just on pirate kings . And then attack eachother it would be way funnier and exciting.
Josh Roberts review Josh Roberts
This is so annoying when u get ur spins u don't benefit any thing I had 50 spins didn't get a shield or spins I got 1 100k and 1attack I got three steals and the rest was just 5k 10k and 1k also I'm only on the second island and can't get off it because of no shield my friends gang up on me and each other just as I'm about to move on there should be a limit of 1attack on 1 friend a day hope this happens ?
Tanja Dungevska review Tanja Dungevska
Extra spins for watching videos not working since a week ago
I really loved this game before now its anoying since i tried to get extra spins for watching videos like a week ago and i couldnt. its just giving me a loading sign on a black screen and nothing is coming on. Im not getting extra spins anyways and now i cant even get tree. Not good! Can someone fix this please! Thank you! Then ill give you 5 stars
jignesh purohit review jignesh purohit
Great game but...
I enjoyed playing this game a lot. Been playing it fr months. But suddenly the game has gt weird. Been stuck on an island fr a month. Getting random attacked a lot n gt a very few defend and attack as compared to before. Even don't gt steal a lot. Revenge list getting longer. Many times nt able to buy stuff fr 3 days. There is an other problem too that people hav found an hack of hiding frm friends attack list and keep attacking others. You need to fix that. I m sorry but I guess I would not continue playi
bilal chichi review bilal chichi
Again,again,and again when defence is empty you dont give defence and when defence is full you give 6 or 7 defence in 10 spin,and 90 percent spin give 10k or 25k,sometime you give 2 or 3 steal in 50 spin "cheeting wheel"