Obb on SD (Xposed) APK

Obb on SD (Xposed)
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ROOT & Xposed framework required!

Module Obb on SD attempts to make it seamless - just enable module, reboot and move obb's to SD card (to same folder: Android/obb) - that's that. No need to enter any path or whitelist/blacklist any app. Do you want to only move Obb from Grand Theft Auto? Then only move that obb. Obb on SD will detect "obb on SD" and enable hooks only for this single game.

Support: http://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/modules/mod-obb-sd-v0-1-t2884004

Obb on SD (Xposed) APK reviews

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Smartboy Deepak review Smartboy Deepak
Doesn't work on galaxy core 2 sm g355h
Google play hooks doesn't work on glaxy core 2 sm g355h.... plzz fix this
AceStar68 review AceStar68
Best app ever.
I swear this is one of the best apps in the world. I'm amazed by the new update. The data being supported on SD now! which saved huge amount of phone storage. Thank you so much devs keep it up. In the next update, please give donation option so we could pay you for your hard work for this app.
Dexter Desmond review Dexter Desmond
Help please
I install it to my device..but i cant find it
Shubham Shaurya review Shubham Shaurya
Never seen such a great app
Sendy Mahendra review Sendy Mahendra
Very useful for my phone
Kent Rodriguez review Kent Rodriguez
This module works well!
MR Grimmer review MR Grimmer
Installation on a Tab S T800 running CM12 nightlies threw me into a bootloop. Flashed the new nightly and it booted fine (ROM updates break Xposed). Re-flashed xposed-v81-sdk22-arm.zip with the "Obb to SD" active and I'm back in a bootloop. Absurd.
Cleveland Prescott review Cleveland Prescott
How to use it.
First first you must have a ROOTED phone and then have XPOSED installed on it. After installing you must ENABLE it in Xposed. Finally if you are using Android 5 or 6 you YOU MUST enable this manually.It will not and it can not work unless the above is done. It really bugs me whwn morons give a bad rating because they fail to RTFM( Read The F'em Manual ) Having root allows apps to work with the Linux and Android OS in your phone or tablet or any android device.
Kavita Diniz review Kavita Diniz
It's very good. Especially if u get a lot of big games
Works perefectly
Muhammad saqib review Muhammad saqib
Great app
Simple as you like no need partitions or other complicated method simply move your obb folder to your externel sd card only need to install exposed installer after rooting your device
Adam Moore review Adam Moore
Best modification I've ever made to my phone. Using it for both obb and data, so far I've not seen it fail to work properly. Edit: tried mm's adopted storage, had several issues, went back to this after two days. Running cm13
shahid rok review shahid rok
S Duos
I'm Tested Its 100% WORK GREAT Apps
Anurag Deb review Anurag Deb
This is a grt app.. Works perfectly in ma device
nico richardson review nico richardson
Used to work
Now all the apps I move onto my SD card tries to download the data,how can I make it work again.
mozaffar nubbee review mozaffar nubbee
What that. I cannot open itt