myMail – Email for Hotmail, Gmail and Outlook Mail APK

myMail – Email for Hotmail, Gmail and Outlook Mail
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myMail – Manage all your email accounts at once! Whether it’s Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL, iCloud, Live, Exchange or GMX, myMail email client supports all major mail providers and any other IMAP or POP3-enabled mailbox.

myMail keeps your mail securely in one place. It makes communication fast, light and mobile-friendly. Our app allows you to preview, read, reply and forward your messages as well as to add and view attachments. All you need is your email login and password and the mail app is ready to use.

myMail supports all popular email services:
Google Mail (Gmail, Google Apps for Business and Education)
Microsoft (Hotmail, MSN mail, MS Outlook, Office 365 and Live)
Yahoo mail (previously, ymail)
AOL (Alto)
Apple (iCloud,,
My Mail mobile email (
myMail automatically sets up IMAP, POP and SMTP settings for most host domains and includes support for the majority of corporate email servers such as Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange where IMAP and SMTP are enabled.

✻ Real-time push notifications for your mail account which can be customised to better fit your work-life schedule
✻ Navigate easily through your inbox with menu icons and contacts’ avatars as part of your conversation
Search through local and server contacts (Gmail, MSN Hotmail, Outlook and Live) with search suggestions as you type
✻ Browse files directly from the mail app to include as attachments
✻ Create a unique email signature
✻ Organise your mailbox by flagging, moving to spam or deleting your messages
✻ Filter by Unread email, Flagged or emails with Attachments
✻ Clear layout and design
ActiveSync protocol supported
✻ View your entire email conversation on one screen with email threads.
There’s more! Sign up at MY.COM for a short new e-mail address and access these exclusive features (and yes, it’s free!):
✻ Add, delete, label and manage folders
✻ Create filters to organise your messages e.g. by sender

Our email application is optimised for you smartphone and tablet.

Email security is our key priority. Our app uses OAuth authentication to sign in to Hotmail, Gmail and Outlook accounts and does not request users’ credentials. Instead, access to users’ data is required directly from Microsoft and Google websites, which ensures a secure e-mail login.

EWS protocol is not supported yet however keep an eye on future updates.

If a sign in problem occurs on your device, send details to [email protected] including your email address, IMAP, POP or SMTP email settings and we will resolve the issue.

Follow myMail to find out all about the upcoming updates and cool features at:

myMail uses AdChoices. More information can be found here

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myMail – Email for Hotmail, Gmail and Outlook Mail APK reviews

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Rosalind Boey review Rosalind Boey
Third phone using it
This is the third time i m using this app. Best one still once i figured out how to not have archive for gmail.
Steve Guss review Steve Guss
All of a sudden non-deleteable ads are showing up in my inbox, only in your app. There are a lot of other good mail apps that don't do that. GOODBYE!!
Mike h review Mike h
Best I've found
So easy to use. Was setup and running In minutes... excellent app.... I see a few negative reviews and I'm convinced that those having problems are technology challenged.. I've never used a easier app to run all my email accounts...
Tracy Martinez review Tracy Martinez
Problems now.....
Loved this app until i figured out today it was no longer receiving my verizon email account. :( i have tried for the last 2 hours and cant get the "other mail" to work. It keeps asking me for my google account.... what happened? Id love a fix because i like have everything in one place....
Andy Gale review Andy Gale
What's happened
I'm now getting adverts in my in box. Thankfully if you go to settings you can disable the adverts. Good grief though!!! Updated ... Feedback received telling me how to disable the adverts. Thank you.
artemis val review artemis val
Why did you delete the function of deleting e mail from the notification area?? It was the best part
Abhijit Mukherji review Abhijit Mukherji
Great app. Very easy to configure and operate. The best things is that it updates/syncs with the server immediately. No lag at all. Please provide more theames and color options. Can I change the icon color as I don't like the Red color.
Patrick Saville review Patrick Saville
Just works
I've never had a problem on the S5. Just works and does what it's supposed to do. I'm able to use the app without it affecting my Hotmail. Nuff said.
cosmc2079 review cosmc2079
Ads now appear in inbox
I was using this app for over a year. Today I found ads in my inbox maybe every 15-20 message. Disappointing.
Kimberly Frisbee review Kimberly Frisbee
A bit alarming but worth it!
In the middle of checking my email, every thing changed and got rearranged. Adding filters & folders was a great idea! Keep up the great work, Dev!
Imran Nazir review Imran Nazir
One of the best.
It simply works. Better than MS outlook app in many ways. I was able hookup my Hotmail and office365 account in no time and it worked seamlessly. Only gripe here is that its slightly slow and UI is old style. Otherwise five stars.
Hany Metwally review Hany Metwally
Fantastic app
The best mail client available, and I've tried them all! UI is great, and customer support is highly recommended. Update... Stopped syncing with Hotmail for some reason :(
Madhusudan Sahoo review Madhusudan Sahoo
Not working as before
Previously it was working fine. But with recent update, something gone bad. Not able see my updated emails.
Bronxbomber4ever review Bronxbomber4ever
Ads disguised as new email
This app has put important emails as spam and spam as regular mail! No matter how many times I mark something as spam, it keeps coming back again. Also, it now has ads disguised as email! That is really annoying. I used to love, now will delete. I would have happily paid if they fixed the spam issues and became ad free.
Víctor Francés review Víctor Francés
Works pretty well!
But if you guys allow message-conversation view mode that would be awesome!!