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Mike's World 2
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Mike and his moustache are back in business. Put your moustache on and help Mike in his new adventure. Run around this amazing world and get as many coins as you can. Improve your gaming experience by getting some potions too! No enemy is impossible to beat, especially if you wear your moustache. Have fun throughout lots of challenging levels in this classic platform game.


- Over 75 challenging levels.
- Lots of enemies to defeat.
- Intuitive controls.
- Smooth graphics and sounds.
- Awesome gameplay.

Mike's World 2 APK reviews

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M.yousuf jawed review M.yousuf jawed
Good game. but some difficulties are more difficult.at lest please 1 hint will given in hard areas in the game. Thank u
that odd headchog review that odd headchog
Its Frances world no new features just a new character every power up looks the same and I hate this game
Ela B review Ela B
I have stock on level 3 w it has not any helping gifts and its to dificult to pass it . I unistalled it
Shari Shabeeh review Shari Shabeeh
Some problem. It's getting stuck in some levels
Erica Stone review Erica Stone
The controls move really slow when you are trying to play the levels!!!!!??
Elisha Lalchund review Elisha Lalchund
Updated the game and it refuses to open up the new level. Pathetic
Ash Holdsworth review Ash Holdsworth
Very fun platform game. I love how simple it is. The collecting of coins for points is very fun. The hitting of boxes to reveal coins and power ups is a great idea. I've been looking for a good platformer for a while. I would love a version of this on a console so I could sit back and play it with a controller.
Bendybro62 shakaboom review Bendybro62 shakaboom
It's a TERRIBLE super Mario bros rip off! Booooooo!!!!
Eva Baydoun review Eva Baydoun
In 1 t i can not win ??
daniella sewraj review daniella sewraj
this is very good actually ,it's like Super Mario from nitendo and I really like it. You can download it!!!!! very good!!!!
Aarti Nashikkar review Aarti Nashikkar
Love this game very much!!!
A Google user review A Google user
خیلی سخته ???????????
A Google user review A Google user
It is too diffcult on level 3 at w
The Gamer Girl review The Gamer Girl
I think that this game is very hard.. Sometime I don't find out the finishing point..But the game is very challenging and interesting .I love and like it very very much..
Avant Worrie review Avant Worrie
Great game just the adds suck