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With Kyäni Pro, Kyäni Business Partners around the world are united on one clear path to building and duplicating successful business. With high-powered training and certification in Kyäni products, values, and best practices, Kyäni Pro creates a solid and ethical foundation for Business Partners of all experience levels. In addition to training, Kyäni Pro also provides state-of-the-art mobile tools that enable Business Partners to build and manage their business with the speed and efficiency of just a tap or a click.

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Bryan Hood review Bryan Hood
This is what we've been waiting for. Absolutely revolutionary!! Thank you!
Corwin Mckenzie review Corwin Mckenzie
What was needed and it will change many lives for sure
Ghie Johnson review Ghie Johnson
Absolutely amazing, a true gamechanger.
Cheryl Butcher review Cheryl Butcher
Totally amazing app
A Google user review A Google user
I love this app!
Bernice Grijalva review Bernice Grijalva
Anthony Larreynaga review Anthony Larreynaga
Charlie Weiss review Charlie Weiss
Jerry Lee review Jerry Lee
Initial login by a new customer is confusing. The videos are labeled inconsistently. If you pick wealth you get a series of videos that are not sequentual, the same for health. When you pick a video, everyone expects to turn their phone sideways to get a full screen display. (Easily done but not implemented.) After the intro, you would expect to show the overview and then the details, just like during the launch - not so. Why are some videos numbered (but not logically like W1, W2, H1, H2, etc.) It has 3 videos not numbered at all. Inconsistency is a sign of amateur implementation. UCSD has created a new degree for software human interface that includes psychology classes, for obvious reasons. Kyani should have hired a professional in this area as well rather than using developer hacks just cludging what could easily be a real professional presentation. (And it's not 7 videos (as explained in the launch), it's 9. Why isn't the guest mode available on the PC, just like the app? More amateur inconsistencies which is rather dissappointing. (Anyone else charging me over $100 for an app with this poor of an interface, would have gotten an immediate demand for a refund). Kyani had poor web tools (implementation, lay out, and logical sequencing) before and while the concept is a great improvement, the implementation leaves much to be desired. Yes, I am a professional in the field with 18 years at Raytheon and 19 years at HP as a software/IT program/project manager. My son is graduating from the first class at UCSD teaching human interface. Kyani, please hire him or someone from that major.
lavaniya jalal review lavaniya jalal
Good for people who needs instant job
A Google user review A Google user