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Kite Cash
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Kite is everything you love about cash, without any of the limitations. With Kite:

• get a debit card without a bank account
• send money instantly, 24/7, to any mobile number
• keep money secure in your Kite Savings account

Kite is smarter, simpler, more secure mobile finance. And it’s just the beginning.

Kite Cash APK reviews

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Mahesh K review Mahesh K
They just want fob customers money off. Their customer service over the phone or mail doesn't respond to customers queries. Tried to transfer some money from Kite account to my Bank account. But the amount got debited from Kite account and even after 48/hours it is not been credited to my Bank account. NEVER USE OR INSTALL THIS PAY.
Card doesn't works online. At last I ended up paying bank settlement fees. Please check for the card issues or provide a physical one.
Vishal Kumar review Vishal Kumar
A lousy and a farud aap just never install it ........jusy go to hell u dumbass
Bharath Karna review Bharath Karna
waste app all transactions are failing
Music & Videos review Music & Videos
It's very helpful.
Kawaljeet Bhatia review Kawaljeet Bhatia
Anchal Goswami review Anchal Goswami
It's a fraud..never use this app...the crew members never pay attention to the complaints of customers...people are misusing this app for fraud transactions...very careless crew..they don't value customer's time and money.
Dynamo Magician impossible review Dynamo Magician impossible
I want to do international payment so they don't give my money back fraud give my money back another i will complain in play store to block your app
Ankit Jain review Ankit Jain
It's very user friendly and easy to use...within a second transfer money without any deduction...thanks kite cash
Dinker Kumar review Dinker Kumar
My friends from frb came to test the app, but as soon as we started the first wave this app crashed. No signup Internet error Verification error All at same time.
Ashish Nikhare review Ashish Nikhare
The finest app for creating a self destructive virtual card thus keeping our credit cards information safe. Also, i would love to increase the limit of the card to Rs. 1 lakh. Please help me with KYC. I am from Nagpur.
Ashish Krishnan review Ashish Krishnan
The best thing about the app is the clean UI and the best UX.
Yogesh Beniwal review Yogesh Beniwal
Now showing after applying promo code ... Offer is over..WTF .... When open this app all time shows error... Something went wrong. How to solve this problem? After shared with friends ... They also faced same problem and didn't sign up properly ..
sacheth wale review sacheth wale
Hopeless app created as no proper reply and function and services its all un trustable
keshav wadhwa review keshav wadhwa
Applaud!!! I used all wallets but really its an amazing wallet. You can just save your money by transferring your money into your savings. I really like your new concept of creating new virtual card for fixed amount. They doesnt charge for withdrawal to bank account . Instant transfers. you can also add features like add money by making IMPS to wallet account no like in zeta wallet. Otherwise app is appreciate. I have a query that Is your wallet trustworthy to save my money just like paytm?