Jurassic World MovieMaker APK

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Realistically add dinosaurs from Jurassic World to your videos and photos. Be a part of Jurassic World and share the magic with your friends.

App Features:

- Add 3-Dimensional animated dinosaurs right from the Movie to your own creations
- Change the Size and Position of each dinosaur
- Move the Shadows
- Adjust the Color and Saturation
- Share Photos and Videos directly to Social Media


Jurassic World MovieMaker is free to download and use. All users can download all dinosaur animations for free.

There is no subscription needed to download or renew this app.

Jurassic World MovieMaker is powered by Efexio and Tippett Studio.

Feedback? Suggestions? Issues? Please contact us at [email protected] We'll do our best to assist you. Your feedback is important to us.

Jurassic World MovieMaker APK reviews

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Black Dragon Fire review Black Dragon Fire
Doesn't Work On Samsung S3
I can now go to the home screen, the one where there are all the dinosaurs, but after I take a picture or video, select my dinosaur I want, and hit " next ", the screen goes black. Can I fix it? Or is it a problem I can't fix? It looks really cool and I saw videos on it and it is Awesome. I am soooo close to getting it to work, but it just doesn't.I yhink it only works on IPHONE.
Kevin Jackson review Kevin Jackson
It's good, but performance and bugs need to be sorted out.
Jac Wallis review Jac Wallis
It says Jurassic movie maker has stopped and its the same with Jurassic world the game
Nicole V review Nicole V
Black screen
I was sooo excited to show this to my son, but it wont open Samsung Galaxy S 4
The Video Person review The Video Person
Well... Look's pretty good.
Looks like a great app. But, when I try to make a movie, it crashes. Please fix.
Chris Thompson review Chris Thompson
App crashes
I can record video or snap a photo but when I got next to edit, the app closes out.
Senovia Lopez review Senovia Lopez
I would be nice is it actually worked! It just doesn't work!
Riptor the Raptor review Riptor the Raptor
Why don't you fix this???
I can start it up and record it but when it says next after I record I click it and it kicks me off the app please fix this
Matthew Knapp review Matthew Knapp
Black screen
Pls fix. Black screen. Give 4 stars if fixed
Stephanie Moore review Stephanie Moore
It worked pretty good at first but now it won't work.
Jordan Albiar review Jordan Albiar
Poorly made
They are just trying to make money off the Jurassic world name...
ahmed alaa review ahmed alaa
Get fix , add t rex and i will give 5 stars
Morgan Cherney review Morgan Cherney
Good thing this isn't a pay-for app, otherwise you'd be paying for a black screen, amiright
Sile Kelly review Sile Kelly
How do I do it it does not work
Tommy Hamill review Tommy Hamill
So far so good next update add in a t-rex