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Match 3 candies to collect jelly drops in order to advance along the candy track. With sweet surprises around each corner, a new mystery unfolds in every realm of the Jelly Kingdom. Whether you enjoy the excitement of brain teasers or seek a fun way to relax, Jellipop Match provides the ultimate experience of high quality entertainment. 
Help Lily and her friends on their journey to save the Jelly Kingdom! Playing as Lily, you will fight off witches, monsters, mysterious elves, and more on your travels throughout the many realms of the kingdom. Master your moves and match up more than three candies to be rewarded with a variety of board clearing boosters! Use jelly spoons, cross bombs, sweet juice, and other magic boosters to step up your game. Jellipop Match offers a variety of new features, game modes, and battles. Take on the Jelly Kingdom alone or compete with your friends for the highest score! 
With built in game currency, Jellipop Match is completely free to play! To buy more lives, extra moves, and other special items, payment with real money is required. The payment feature can be turned off by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.
Jellipop Match Features
·      Hundreds of candy filled levels with more added every month!
·      Harvest new rewards every day.
·      Up to 10 spins on the Spin to Win reels to earn gold, magical boosters, and more!
·      Raccoon’s Requests to earn fun rewards.
·      Leaderboards to track your friends' and competitors' scores.
·      Easily sync the game between mobile and tablet devices.
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kshea 0501 review kshea 0501
So I got the update for the new challenge. My devices keep freezing as I play. Not happy. Using items I've paid for and getting booted isnt cool. I've used so many gold bars and magic items! When are you planning on fixing this glitch? I know I'm not the only one.
Lee Cope review Lee Cope
Lee cope
Good game so far ?
Georgia Brewer review Georgia Brewer
Luv this game but still problems when exchanging for boosters ( takes my beans or winnings) and don't get what I pay for. I don't understand what u mean when u say older version. S6.
Ahmed El Sayed review Ahmed El Sayed
My daughter she is very happy
Good graphics and beautiful sound
Regina Stanfill review Regina Stanfill
Jelly Blast
I love every level its definitely a challenge every level is fun And not only that so many other awards you get omg so many other different worlds like the aircraft you get on and your going to go play another big blue looks like to me a big blue dragon that to is so fun I mean FUN for HOURS and hours and more hours my longest 6 hours long and my Notifications Are off when I play this like I am right now Excellent App highly recommended Five stars Definitely
M review M
Love this game. But my concerns is. The Big Wheel. Need more
Donald Archie MacDonald review Donald Archie MacDonald
Jelly blast. Jelly king kong, not operating anymore, disappointed, 4 stars dropped. Your, upgrades keep getting worse. New, adventure what, new adventure??? You, need to fix a lot, to regain stars
Stipe Bratim review Stipe Bratim
Svako 6min dobijes zivot
Edyie Pettit review Edyie Pettit
Now that I played a while and won a game for extra bonus Points, only to sign on to the game the next day and see everything I won was taken away.
Anna Saragi review Anna Saragi
I love this game and I've play for year. But since I update it yesterday and have a new challenge, the game keep freezing and stop working. I lost my ❤ and it's so frustrating. Please fix this before the challenge is over.
Patricia GLOVER review Patricia GLOVER
Jelly blast
Match 3
nancy gelimbi denis Denis review nancy gelimbi denis Denis
Well done again new levels.. let's play
I'm addicted waiting for the newest levels again 5 stars
Daly santos review Daly santos
Once you start, can't stop
You have so many ways of playing, that it's all Worth to keep on going. It's my therapy.
Rosa Cole review Rosa Cole
At first I really love dis game.... But now a days it's always stop while I'm playing.. It's so irritating
Mary Dang review Mary Dang
Galaxy mega 3
Love the game. It makes me crazy sometimes, but I love it.:) still loving the game, very addictive. :) AWESOME !!! Still loving the game and all the new upates...?