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Javelin Masters 3
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The great oldschool Track & Field gameplay has finally been reinvented on touch screen. Javelin Masters has gone through a ground breaking renewal, and now there is more everything! More Goodies, more Super Skill, more levels and more fun! This is Maybe the most addicting game ever!!

Now you can throw Javelin in Helsinki, Los Angeles and Rio! The total score counts in league. Start playing now and learn to be a Javelin Master together with your thrower! Throwing technique is easy to learn but hard to master.


• Old-school javelin throwing in a nice package
• Thrower learns Super Skill when you train together
• Many throwers with mighty throw grunts!!
• Coach who gives instructions and inspiration
• Every throw you earn coins to buy stuff with
• Achievements with coin prizes
• Player vs Player competitions, to earn even more coins!!
• Online group competitions with friends and other players
• A lot of stuff to improve your performance
• Weekly leagues for players of similar skill level
• Tops for country, world and friends
• Best possible mechanics for running and throwing!
• You can move buttons, good for left handed also!
• Share your achievements and show everyone you're the best

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Javelin Masters 3 APK reviews

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Αλεξανδρος Καν review Αλεξανδρος Καν
It is not the sequel we wanted, but it is the sequel we needed!
My right shoulder looked weak the past months. I grab the pictures of me from the past when I played for months and every day javelin masters 1&2 when I was buffed from all the hard work. Something was missing from my life. Was it the powerful right shoulder or the daily workout? It was both. Thanks to the 3rd instalment I'm gonna be buffed again! Thanks guys/gals, it is the sequel we definitely needed!
gary scott review gary scott
Another hit!!!
Carries on where the previous games left off. Easy to play, difficult to master. Lots of fun.
Steven Beeko review Steven Beeko
Great upgraded version with more options to develop and strengthen each individual character, we'll have to see how far the gold needed to really be competitive in this new version goes
Stelios Savva review Stelios Savva
Really cool game
Phú Nguyễn review Phú Nguyễn
Awesome game. Hyvä peli
Philip Sykes Sykes review Philip Sykes Sykes
brill fun
Jeff Beck review Jeff Beck
I CAN NOT STOP PLAYIN' THIS DUMB ASS GAME! LOVE IT! U basically try to beat yours and the World's top scores. Advice...Instructions say to press throw button on white line.... Really you need to press a lil bit before the line, and (HOLD THAT BUTTON DOWN FOR A CLICK), THEN RELEASE!!! It doesn't clearly say that! It will improve your distance a lot Quicker! But...Good Game...I Dig it!
david browning review david browning
Fun for a while.
Would be great if there was a way to stage a competition between your friends with neutral characters or even progressed characters. Last update killed my love, wind physics have knocked 20m off my totals, even when there's no wind or its behind me.
Szmittu Szmittu review Szmittu Szmittu
Don't download
Total waste of time.
Tim B. review Tim B.
Keep coming back for more
Great game, an improvement on JM2 which is the only other one I've played. The yells from the throwers always makes me smile. I only play for a few minutes each day, so don't progress quickly, but it's quick enough to get rewards every now and then. As for the wind update, I didn't like it at first and my distances all dropped, but with a strong headwind I'm now smashing my records!!
Pinakesh Mukherjee review Pinakesh Mukherjee
Awesome game
It's just such a clever idea.... love it!!!!!!
Derek Rice review Derek Rice
Latest update ruined gameplay
Have been playing this game daily for weeks. The new variable wind just killed this game. My throws are always 15-20 meters shorter. The wind is not very variable....I have a wind in my face 60% of the time, and rarely wind at my back. Even with perfect throw and wind at my back.....throws still stink. FIX THE WIND PLEASE!!!
Matt Constantino review Matt Constantino
Get rid of the wind
The game used to be fun with everyone consistently on the same playing field, ie: we ALL used to have the exact same wind conditions as one another, every time (none). Now, wind is changing directions and speed during run up, completely changing how the throw should have been started! Please make it so everyone is playing on the same field again. This latest update has significantly taken away the entertainment value of this game.
Joseph Hawley review Joseph Hawley
Fun game but takes to long to save up to purchase upgrades for throwers. If I played all day for a week might be able to purchase 1 speed and 1 strength. Also competition need brackets. If it's a "beginner" bracket then why do players throw 120 or more meters?
Tommy Chapman review Tommy Chapman
Easiest way to earn $$ is to compete online against other players. The problem is that the developers did not create brackets where you compete againat players of your own experience level. SOOOooo, you compete against players that have way more power and speed than you do. You never win against these players. This game is awesome aside from this. Developers, fix this. Match players with even level players. Im tired of facing players throwing 115+ meters and I am throwing 100 meters and other players are throwing around 70 meters. Make it more competitive!