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Iron Bat 2 The Dark Night
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We present to you the new and improved version of The Iron Bat. Iron Bat 2 – The Dark Night is a new fighting adventure game in wich you are the most awesome crime fighting hero in the city. In the dark night of the city, you have to destroy the evil mutant infestation. You have at your disposal a light blade that can annihilate a mutant with just one hit and that can also turn into a powerful gun. For defense, you have your iron bat suit that can heal and provide you with shields. Your mission is to survey the city rooftops and annihilate the mutant threat. You can also charge up your superpower with coins that you can find all over the place. The coins are very useful when it comes to unlocking new characters. Try to see if you can be the best at cleansing the city and putting your name on the top of the leaderboard.
Cool features
- Two iron bat suits and one joker
- Multiple enemy tips
- Easy controls
- Addictive gameplay
- Tons of power ups
- Mind blowing environment and effects
- Stunning game music and 3d graphics
- Fun to play for all ages

Enjoy this great game!

Iron Bat 2 The Dark Night APK reviews

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Ruben Vultur review Ruben Vultur
Best game! Cool dark knight armor. Joker is better than Suicide squad.
georgeta cordos review georgeta cordos
Awesome game! Batman is cool!
D.E.M. W. review D.E.M. W.
Everytime I hit someone i lose health or when sometimes i try to double jump it doesn't work. The cover may look cool but it is completely trashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
David Dugan review David Dugan
I love the environment, but it's actually the dark knight*
Sarwar Imam review Sarwar Imam
Cool game it's a sequel to rise of the iron bat
Aden Braughler review Aden Braughler
Don't judge a book by its cover, the cover of this game looks sick! But the game is terrible! I thought this was going to be sooo cool! But BLAH, bad bad bad game.
Arif Otway Cave review Arif Otway Cave
Really sick graphics and lots to explore. Amazing gameplay
Sashang Drago review Sashang Drago
The graphics and music is awesome but , I thought the game is like battle game or adventure but it is like subway surfers guys be alert
Jamar Summers review Jamar Summers
The game drags a little bit and a graphics aren't that good looks like you're playing a distorted game a little bit so
Jamie Ouma review Jamie Ouma
This game is amaizing and i love the first IRON BAT that i was given to use, but not a fan of thos kind of graphics
A Google user review A Google user
It's okay but the graphics and the controls r not at the level
sudhakar nayak review sudhakar nayak
I LOVE lt soo much.
H3rshee review H3rshee
worst game ever
Amit Singh review Amit Singh
This is a very best game in the world please friends download them
Benjamin Flathers review Benjamin Flathers
I like batman?????