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Iron Avenger - No Limits
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Iron Avenger - No Limits, is back, in 2017, more powerful than ever, explore the city seen as never before, unlock new armor classes, and upgrade them to help you escape.
This awesome yet free game is the ultimate combination between addictive game play, lovely graphics and the obviously the most awesome character in a mobile game, even Iron Man feels ashamed of himself when compared to the Iron Avenger.
Features: - infinite non repetitive stages (every time you play the level is different, you have to think fast)
- rhythm game play that keeps you entertained for hours
- multiple character classes and skins
- level up your armors
- multiple stages with different scenery and new game play mechanics
- awesome 3D mobile graphics (obviously)

Upcoming - multiple characters with different special powers
-even more complex stages
-achievement system
-optimization for older devices ( nobody gets left behind ! )

Story :
The story of our hero is not a love story or a sad story, maybe not even fit for a hero, he is nothing more than a simple soldier, who else but the military would have funding for such an expensive suit of armor, but the people....they needed a hero, not a soldier.
So, what did the people do, they turned a mere soldier in a suit, not even made of iron in an Iron Man, they called him Iron Avenger thinking he was some kind of man of steel, little did they know who hid in that suit and what was going on.......
Who is Iron Avenger is he a hero or a simple soldier, maybe you can find out.....

Iron Avenger - No Limits APK reviews

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Seema Shukla review Seema Shukla
Not downloading in my samsung galaxy s6 edge showing invalid url do something for it.
Utkarsh Bhati review Utkarsh Bhati
Loved it
It's graphics are soo good
salman ahmad review salman ahmad
I love it
J GfK Bryn huh
Chandan Verma review Chandan Verma
chandan diksha seth
m big fan oh ironman... tony starkkk
Iron man is awesome i like to would appreciate
Larrie Wong review Larrie Wong
ABsh eh bdbj cm this in and bdbbsb Ben nznxhdbxhbkids been try and then ndnndjdjxxhhx
Raju Rai review Raju Rai
Worst game I ever play
Fuck this game and this company this game should go to ass hole this game company go to fuck
Tauqeer Jasim review Tauqeer Jasim
I not no but I like the PIC just check it goood game
Bhanushali Parth Parth review Bhanushali Parth Parth
Do not download this game
Photo see that game is good but it doesn't good
Vineeta mandal review Vineeta mandal
Its OK
But stops and the company does not do anything
Priyank Agarwal review Priyank Agarwal
Waste of data where is ironman and this game so many mb game also
Divya Rahul review Divya Rahul
No instrutions
Good game but no instrutions
Musthak Don review Musthak Don
What a game dude
It is Un a very good game for yunsterzzzzz
Símon Bólivar review Símon Bólivar
Awful Game
This game looked good, but I started to play it, and the graphics were awful, and it was not a Marvel game at all. So not download at any cost.
Jagadev Krishnan review Jagadev Krishnan
The iron man
Super soft king