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From useful and entertaining how-tos and hacks, to delicious recipes and outrageous inventions, Instructables is the place to explore, document, and share your creations.
With over 100k tutorials in technology, workshop, living, and more, we have the largest collection of do-it-yourself projects created by others just like you.

Instructables APK reviews

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Jay Bets review Jay Bets
i will try this apps and observe .For now i will rank you with 3 star...i will update it later.. thanks.
Pramodini Sanghrajka review Pramodini Sanghrajka
awesome app . can make anything I want
Kishio Reaper review Kishio Reaper
Can't make an account!
I went to make an account and I fill out everything! email, user name, and password, and the password confirmation. So it tells me I'm forbidden to do something!... Why!?!?!?
JV Hampton-VanSant review JV Hampton-VanSant
The essential tool for DIYers.
Seriously, tho. Essential. 100%.
Felix Beaulieu review Felix Beaulieu
Needs Google connection option
But otherwise very nice app indeed!
Irfan Ansari review Irfan Ansari
Can't create a new login ID, after create account showing "error" you are not allowed to look at that. what's this???
Nick McGirk review Nick McGirk
I cant sign up
There is an error saying "erros, you cannot look at that" what does it mean? Help!
Jeremy Rettig review Jeremy Rettig
Live the app and the people. However, I lost all my favorites that I had tagged. Tried logging out and in but, they are still gone. Also I can tag as a favorite, but when I go to check them the folder is empty.
Matt Hitt review Matt Hitt
Unable to sign up so frustrated
I get an error that says ("error": "you're not allowed to look at that.") seriously?? No reason why I can't sign up just that I'm not allowed to see the reason why I can't sign up.
decent gal review decent gal
Not functioning
What's wrong I'm not able to sign up on this app. I'm from India. Pls fix it.
Kelin Leishangthem review Kelin Leishangthem
Need more features
We frequently switch between apps in mobile and accidentally close it. Best part of instructable is pictures and photos in any projects. In our country like India data is costly beside slow connection. It will be a good idea if you added a feature with chache enable option for faster loading on brief exit to favorite projects. My five star rating in pending
Junior Torres review Junior Torres
Don't login
Delete the login button because all people don't know the password! Please reply!
Fransklin Angkor review Fransklin Angkor
Cool apps
Thanks to instructables team. You all are amazing and my inspiration.
Brett Halliday review Brett Halliday
Great app
Perfect for projects ranging from rainy days with the kids to full scale home solar upgrades and everything in between if you like to tinker or are bored looking for project ideas I highly recommend this app.
Branden Prins review Branden Prins
Great Application
I love this app. What I love more is that people who rate this app lower, accuse the app when its mostly their phone that sucks or their carrier. L2use the app. User error, not app error.