Hotel Story: Resort Simulation APK

Hotel Story: Resort Simulation
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Build & design your dream resort to richness! Upgrade and invest your facilities to attract special guests and tourists! Be the best hotelier!

✔ Free to play

✔ Creativity is your limit! Build your dream hotel from scratch

✔ 300+ facilities and decors, 20+ guests to unlock!

✔ Multiplayer! Visit other hoteliers and collect tips

✔ Play offline. Manage your resort without having to waste data

✔ Optimized for Galaxy S4, Note 3, large screen devices

*Players can pay real money for in-game currency, this can be disabled in Settings.

Hotel Story: Resort Simulation APK reviews

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Carlo Abad Conge review Carlo Abad Conge
Great offline hotel building game app
No. 1 hotel building game app choice ever. Totally enjoyed it. Crashes sometimes. 1 free diamond ad doesnt work on my samsung galaxy star duos gt s5282. Items store items price doubles as you continually buy. Please address these issues. Works on 3" screen samsung. Totally recommended to all. Thank you very much. Good luck to all your works.
cupcake reborns review cupcake reborns
I love it but you guys need to put like a kids in it and rides that you put coins in for them or put a full family in the game together and put a fridge and put like kid room or put a delluxe room for them
Noah Koa review Noah Koa
Really interesting
As the title states. You won't be disappointed! Just try the game out! Although I think that certain features (extra facilities or sth) can be updated :)
Michaela Curry review Michaela Curry
Great I love it
Love it totes amaze! Play it it is so awesome!! Try it! So fun
kirti Tomar review kirti Tomar
Woo cool ??
The game is amazing you must download it it contains amazing things and here I got the 2 floor too easily it's too good you must download it! ??
Asri Sarman review Asri Sarman
Very nice game! I thought this is simple but very nice and best! Please update more.
Denille Semper review Denille Semper
Im still deciding if its good or not
I just started playing it less than 5 minutes ago
Melissa Hsu review Melissa Hsu
Its ok
dwlded this only because i didnt need to connect to the net and would still be able to play. Gameplay is ok, similar to other games
Asalah Barnett review Asalah Barnett
Very good game! If your not a patient person this game is probably not for you......anyway it's a nice game I like it a lot
Chelsea Fiona Millan review Chelsea Fiona Millan
Kieva Towler review Kieva Towler
Sweet meat
I Loved this games but When my notifications came up I had to exit the game
Alankruth Kashyap review Alankruth Kashyap
wonderful game
this is a really good game, fun to play with and it gets harder and harder to play once we reach level 10 but still its a good game i hope u make games like these.
Sarita Antonia review Sarita Antonia
Almost love it!
Its really fun to play yet so easy and do not extra time to "must" check it. And PLEASE make it little faster pace and the money, please make it easy to get like the mall series.
Katie Gregory review Katie Gregory
I love playing this game, but i don't like the price for extra builders or how long it takes to get money. Only writing this so i get diamonds
Scott Loh review Scott Loh
Good game
If only there was a way to get to know other people and be neighbours with each other...add global chat maybe?