Grand Truck Simulator APK

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Disclaimer: This is a beta version. The game was not finished yet.
Recomended hardware: Quadcore - 1GB Ram

GTS is a truck sim for mobile. These are some of its features:

Realistic physics
Realistic fuel consume
Mods: You can make your own skins for trucks and trailers or download from other guys
You can modify suspensions, lights (xenon), pente na turbina and automatic brake assist (only for modern trucks)
You can damage your body truck and broke glasses
Full working truck and trailer lights
Full working truck dashboard
Real life truck sounds for engines, brakes, horns,
Different types of trailers: Chassis, chassis + trailer, 3 axle semi, 2 axle semi, 2+1 axle semi, bitren 7 axle, etc.
Realistic sun system (Day and night)
You can hire drivers and buy deposits to park your fleet of trucks
The map is based on some little citys from Sao Paulo - Brasil
You start with a basic truck and by getting experience will get better trucks and jobs

And remember, this game is not finished but we are working hard to make your dreams true :)
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Grand Truck Simulator APK reviews

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Novantry Dian Pradana review Novantry Dian Pradana
Good graphics, easy steering.
Maybe it will be better if you add some rest area. not just an ordinary warehouse place, maybe We'll sent to a harbour, or anything else. Add some police car, and pedestrian cross the road. I dont like the dashboard c'ause it's useless, try to make it like: if we want to horn, push the horn in the steering wheel, not in an image of the screen. and last, come on man, make a time, i mean, you cant turn the night and morning by yourself. We need to know when the night comes and when the morning ends. Good work
Shaun Ray review Shaun Ray
Back to zero?how this happen?it re started?
I reached license D points 80k plus.i bought two trucks the is stock and the one is mercedez tractors,i save money for garage to purchase almost done but it automatically restarted and back to dissapointed
Azra Kasnani review Azra Kasnani
Well Done!
The game might looks plain and boring. But when played, it is absolutely the best truck simulator I have ever played and reviewed. Good job developers! The game is still in beta so I look forward for a better game although the game is already good and polished.
joshua maynard review joshua maynard
Great game
It's a great game, so realistic all it could use is some more work on the connection for multiplayer, rest area and buildings. Also add more towns, and allow more jobs
Jacob Bird review Jacob Bird
Bird man
The game is awesome please add a manual transmission then I will give five stars thank you
nathan gregory review nathan gregory
Still not happy due to glitches while driving, I've crashed a few times due to the glitches, if this is not sorted I will uninstall the game, apart from the glitches the game is good, plz fix
John Rowee Salazar review John Rowee Salazar
Please add more locations. Not just in brazil. I will give 5 stars if you add more.
Andrew Bailey review Andrew Bailey
Good job on this game. Love it, hope you finish it soon. P.s.. try and put truck upgrades like engine,turbo,tires etc. And more buildings, cars, trees....bigger map and more gas stations
Deon Prescott review Deon Prescott
Glitch or help
The jobs glitch out and the app restarts I really want to play
Saeed Abid review Saeed Abid
Very nice game but not rescue option.
Cody Guy review Cody Guy
I play this game after work all night best game ever!!!!!!! I love how u can hire people to drive for you while u drve around its awesome
Albert thomas review Albert thomas
Great app but more suggestions from me
This is a great application I think you should have an air brake that you talk could push the park then you push it again to drive I think you should have a realistic push air brake when you're in park and I think you should have a string where you can pull for the horn on the roof and I think you should get rid of the time limit to I hate the time limit it doesn't give you enough time to do what you have to do you could do this to the application it would be worth me keeping
Brandon Hannick review Brandon Hannick
Love this game lots but i honestly think you shouldnt have to wait sooo long and drive so much before you can have enough money to get a new truck without spending real cash. Maybe the missions should pay just a little more or the trucks should be just a tad cheaper. Over all is amazing game tho!!
Marno Joubert review Marno Joubert
I love it.
The idea is really good I've always wanted a truck sim like this but couldn't find one. But only one small problem... if you could maybe take the time away so you can take your time to get to your destination and not rush. And could you maybe make the map bigger and add manual gears i'll wait for the updates. Thank you for this game I REALLY LOVE IT.
wayne rooney MU review wayne rooney MU
Road car turn back ,,
Every drive the truck the road car is turn back and cros the grash to other road side,,,and make me lost money,,,fixs it and add more city and highways,its like real thank you