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GO Locker - theme & wallpaper
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GO Locker, a lock screen featuring highly-recommended security, stability and compatibility, ranking NO 1 locker with top downloads in Google Play, customized with variety of high-quality themes!
The most stable lock screen can be adapted to more than 8000 kinds of phones! Nearly 100 million downloads, 1,000,000+ user reviews and a 4.4-star rating, that’s Go Locker! Never worry about your privacy again as GO Locker will completely lock home button from waking up your screen! You can set switches on the left screen, also you can clean the running apps to boost your phone up!

■ Free Features
- Lock home button from waking up your screen to fully protect your privacy (NEW)
- A vast number of themes with plenty of unlocking style, iphone style, android style and other styles beyond your imagination (keep increasing)
- Shortcuts to system switches and settings
- Read your message directly from the lock screen

■ Switches & Clean
- Set switched on left screen conveniently
- Clean the running apps to boost up

■ Contact
Feel free to contact us if you have any problems or suggestions.
Follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GOLocker2016;
our company : http://www.gomo.com

Use of this app is governed by our Terms of Service: http://www.goforandroid.com/en/term-of-service.html
and Privacy Policy: http://www.goforandroid.com/en/privacy-policy.html

GO Locker - theme & wallpaper APK reviews

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Kenny Chu review Kenny Chu
What's the hack?
Go locker is creeping me out now. I paid for the full version, left my phone on standby with Wi-Fi on. And ads randomly play with sound.
kota paavan review kota paavan
I am using this app from my last 5years excellent app
Roberto 20000 review Roberto 20000
Needs an Update
Love the app, wish I could use it but you can't unlock your device using your fingerprint. If they added a finger print I would use this app without thinking twice.
Hailey Mikkola review Hailey Mikkola
Keeps not responding.
I like it, it's pretty. Will uninstall though if it keeps not responding. There is no way to unlock my phone when this happens and I end up having to take my battery out. Also it shows old notifications an messages, no new ones.
Shristi Das review Shristi Das
Great app...
Its a very good app... You can control audio profiles and Bluetooth, screen brightness and flashlight etc without unlocking phone.. Just great love it!
Nico B review Nico B
But you have to restart the app a lot to get the lock screen to work
David Rey review David Rey
Like it
Customization is nice and Magnolia skin is by far the best. Would give it five stars but I am continually having to restart Go Locker. Not sure what that's all about.
Noah Banire review Noah Banire
Good and lovely four stars for the owner and one for me.thank
TechTalk TYO review TechTalk TYO
Just one problem
When you're on the lock screen, you can restart the phone. And when it reboots, the lock screen doesn't come until you shut off the screen.
Taren Long review Taren Long
Ads ads and more ads
This would be a five star review, I love the app and how beautiful it can be, but the lack of an ad free version kills all the enjoyment for me.
Georgia Mottl review Georgia Mottl
Good app
For the most part I love it. Once in a while I have trouble getting it to load.
Orlando Richards review Orlando Richards
Thnx for d themes, but i tink u guys wud give me one showing my album cover on d lock screen cuz i dnt like my play on d lock screen. Sen free themes like dat plz, cuz most of d free themes r lame
Lockscreens Af review Lockscreens Af
Missing 1 thing
This app is AMAZING, the best app ever but it's missing this thing. There's no "password" option when it comes to choose the security type, pls add it and make this app even more perfect .
Joshua Mcquaig review Joshua Mcquaig
Will rate five stars if there wasn't ads on the lock screen. It gets in the way of the brightness changer setting. Please fix
Yiying Show review Yiying Show
After the updatee, Ads just pop out after i unlock with my phone. Do not update guys :(