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Fast Battery Charger
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Fast Battery Charger and Battery Saver is a powerful Android Battery Saver App.When you click start , this app kills all the background processes which consume battery hence your charging is boosted . When you click stop , all the processes will auto resume.
This app is automatic awaken when you plug in your charger , click start to speed up the charging process and at any level you can click stop to resume all the signals.
Is your device taking hours for being fully charged? Now you can fully charge your device in minutes with this amazing app.
Super Fast Charger not only improves charging time but also extends your battery time.
Now you can have a quick meal and have your device fully charged when you’re done.
Super Charger has the features of Fast Charger and Super Fast Charger.
When you want to charge your mobile, before plugin charger follow these steps.
1) Open Smart Charger
2) Plugin mobile charger
3) Click Start button when your mobile connect with charger
4) wait for enabling fast mode then click OK

Fast Battery Charger Features :
- Nice and User-friendly UI.
- Shows the battery capacity in the app

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As We are providing this app totally free so have included adds in it.

Fast Battery Charger APK reviews

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Fatima Khan review Fatima Khan
Amazing tool.... now can charge my cell phone within no time.... suggest to all
Ehtisham ul Haq review Ehtisham ul Haq
Fast Battery Charger.............very good tool and excellent idea like your work guys recommend to all my friends
Albert Alvin review Albert Alvin
Fast charger
This is good one save my time due to fast charging keep it up
Very nice app.... Great app like it very much keep it up dude
Watsom Janu review Watsom Janu
best one!
i am using this software since week ago its the best one i ever had...
fawad ali review fawad ali
Amazing app like it very much keep it up
Rayyan Khan review Rayyan Khan
Fast battery charger expert
I could not believe my eyes. It charged almost 80% in 10 minutes. Love to download this tools a great tool for charging like it and suggest for all
Jamshed khan review Jamshed khan
Good app
Amazing for my phone now I charge my smart phone fast in 10 to 20 mints like it and recommended to all android users
Shahid ali review Shahid ali
Great app, works fine
Nara Simha review Nara Simha
Great works
A Google user review A Google user
Very nice app.... Great app like it very much keep it up dude
vipin aggarwal review vipin aggarwal