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Immerse yourself into the best Middle Ages farming game on mobile! Explore the unique way of farming in the old world. It is FREE to play!

10 millions of farmers are dragging their fingers to
- PLANT fresh crops
- COOK delicious food
- FEED lovely pets
- GREET friendly neighbors
- TRADE with farmers from all over the world
- COMPLETE challenging missions
- DESIGN the prettiest farm with hundreds of decorations

The game is free to play but some of the contents can be purchased for real money. Internet connection is required.

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Village and Farm APK reviews

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Lea Trubnikova review Lea Trubnikova
I lIke this game everything is perfect.
Tanner Henderson review Tanner Henderson
Very good but everytime you buy a decoration it goes up in money...please fix
G.V.V. Jeyanth review G.V.V. Jeyanth
Farming experience you will love ?
Vipin Antony review Vipin Antony
Can't connect my fb friend
Divmuth Corpuz review Divmuth Corpuz
i lve thIs game buT its hard to get a diamOND
Srishti Sahu review Srishti Sahu
Its hanging everytime I try to open it..! Do something quickly.
Linda Bittle review Linda Bittle
Farm Village
This game is ok, but at level 12, I can't get to Facebook & I keep adding too many upgrade items without being able to get all the items needed. Can we have a tool shed for those, & put the eggs/milk/etc somewhere else away from the animal feed? Also, I can't sell to anyone except those who walk up & ask me for things I am not able to make yet because I am not at the level to make them. I would like to see a "sell"or "delete button in the barn for things I have too many of and can't use fast enough.
jaypeelyn delfin review jaypeelyn delfin
I hope i will enjoy this games...
Fail Hard review Fail Hard
Not bad
Its not to heavy thats needs more work on graphics...make animals look less cartoony and 2 dimensional...and it lags a all that and i re-download the game
Emily Lane review Emily Lane
I like it but...
I can't add my friend. We've both sent each other friend requests which comes up as a Facebook notification. But when we click on it, it just opens the game and doesn't put us as each other's friends. We've done this like 20 times. It's annoying. Also when I turn my flowers in a different direction, the game always changes it back when I leave the game.
nerissa herrera review nerissa herrera
Love but fix it...
Always logout when I'm in the middle of the game...
Bill Nace review Bill Nace
Purched Jen's have not received yet. It's identical to hay seems to have same . No way to contact support. Please give my Jems or refund.
GameMad Tracy review GameMad Tracy
Getting boring now because I can't find the parts to upgrade my storage. Grrrr
Wilma Bratton review Wilma Bratton
I'm a country gal this here is a fine old thing ?
Rose Lindeque review Rose Lindeque
network problems
I want to play but this game has network problems please fix!!!*I like the game not the problem!!*if the network is not a problem i would give it 5 stars