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Evolution: Heroes of Utopia
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Experience the incredibly beautiful and cruel world of Utopia!

Heroes of Utopia is a game of a new generation, designed in the style of a revolutionary new genre, the "RPG-clicker". It’s easy to learn and lets you quickly plunge into a vast world full of adventure and intrigue, dangerous enemies and various weapons, sinister plans and epic bosses! As you try to rescue Utopia, you will encounter five unique factions, learn dozens of different technologies, learn how to create weapons and possess psychic abilities. But most of all you will meet the twenty legendary heroes of Utopia, which are the only hope for saving not only your friends, but also the entire galaxy!

◆ Extensive leveling system: Gain new skills, upgrade weapons, rise to the heights of the evolution of Heroes!
◆ Based on the huge, detailed universe from "Evolution:Battle for Utopia", recognized as one of the best games of 2014 in the Google Play!
◆ Amass an invincible team! Up to 20 characters with unique fighting skills can fight by your side at the same time!
◆ Fight in the same ranks with friends and share your resources!
◆ Compete with players around the world in tournaments on a galactic scale!
◆ Independently produce ammunition for fighting the most dangerous opponents!
◆ Enjoy bright and rich cartoon style graphics!
◆ Relax, because in this game, all you need to do is tap away!

Evolution: Heroes of Utopia APK reviews

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R.E. Aper review R.E. Aper
Really enjoyed the game for about a year. Liked making progress. Throughout the game though, my progress kept disappearing but I kept playing hoping the developers would fix the issue but they would not and I am finally saying enough is enough. I would recommend this to anybody who likes games like this but only if you don't mind losing your progress after making it so far. I've had to restart 7 times even with my FB account synced and they can't restore progress. Only purchases made in the game can be restored. All in all though, really addicting game for people who don't mind spending the time to lose progress and redo it only to lose it again. The devs could probably help with the progress problem with proper training from better developers so I hope they do find some pros to help them with their developer abilities.
Tyler Geddes review Tyler Geddes
This game is so rubish I started playing and said I was blocked for abuse to it. Used to play the game a long time ago and was perfect until it Is fixed I am not playing it and will not recommend the game to other people. Thanks for the stupid comment
Cassandra Fletcher review Cassandra Fletcher
Where did my game that I paid money to get things for go to? Now is happened twice after I was not refunded for the first time I purchased again and it froze a few days later and stole my money. If I'm not refunded for the first time and now second I will report this game to Google as the scam it appears to be! Do not play this scam of a game. It's stolen over 50 us dollars from me!
lynn Taylor review lynn Taylor
I love this clicker. So much to collect and do. The only thing ive noticed so far is the magnecite ( the red round curreny) the only thing i can buy is at max level now. It really should be at a higher level or more things to buy with it. You drop them from enemies, videos and from the daily boss. Thats kinda stupid considering the amount you can collect. I havent reachedmax level with the medals yet but im hoping its not the same as the magnecite stuff. ;) i hope this allows you to create an even better game. Thanks for this wonderful game. Now back to the tournament. Woooohooooo
Reece Tinsman review Reece Tinsman
A decent time waster. The constant one-liners like "enemy down" or other quotes of similar ilk in this game can get a little annoying after a bit. Like countless other idle games, you can leave this off in your pocket or away from you for any solid period of time, and it'll still make progress. So if you're looking for timewasters and nothing else, this is one I can suggest.
Mirek Dornak review Mirek Dornak
Safes are not opening properly and it happens rather often :-( when I click OPEN sometimes the window just closed and the game goes on (instead of switching to the advertisement screen) and the safe contents are gone (internet connection is OK)
-killer55522 - review -killer55522 -
I thought it was going to be a generic clicker game but it isn't. Everything runs smooth. I've had zero crashing. And the story is great. Keep up the awesome work.
Chris Newton review Chris Newton
Not bad. A bit repetitive but over all I like it
Michael Geddie review Michael Geddie
Game completely reset back to zero. Even tied to Facebook. Support said no way to restore.
Alexandre Meyer review Alexandre Meyer
The new update broke the wifi connection ... i can't login ... galaxy tab s2
Vernon Sullins review Vernon Sullins
Very addictive and fun this game keeps you.coming back to.it to see how far you can go.theres one thing.its missing it needs a tap count that shows how many times you tap the screen.other than that it's perfect
Michael Waldron review Michael Waldron
Nice time killer. The beginning is a tapper game but as soon as you get your first NPC it's all gravy!
Dustyn Lyons review Dustyn Lyons
Fun game to play and release stress if mad, also to kill time when you have nothing to do
Adam Lynch review Adam Lynch
Awesome time killer. And the story is interesting. Maybe a few more heroes is the only thing id change
Charm Beatz review Charm Beatz
Wow I'm not a bot error #23582 liked 5-star