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Become the captain of a space expedition and explore a deadly post-apocalyptic planet on the galaxy’s edge. Evolution: Battle for Utopia is a new, free multi-genre online blockbuster with unprecedented action, RPG and strategy elements combined in one game!

An evolution of storytelling! Utopia is a barren, deadly world that survived an apocalypse... But there’s also a blend of classic, hi-tech sci-fi style in it, as well as dark mysteries to uncover.
An evolution of gameplay! Fight your enemies in real time battles, experience a unique combat system! Although Evolution has the strengths of an Action game, the combat system is easy to pick up and challenging to master.
Build a colony, fortify your base and protect it from attacks with a fortification system of turrets, like a Tower Defense game.
Terraform the planet: turn scorched wasteland into a blossoming paradise! Unique extraterrestrial civilization’s technology is in your hands! Do the evolution!
This means war! Destroy enemies the size of a skyscraper with ballistic missiles!
Explore a world in one of the most epic games in the history of Android! Planet Utopia hides many surprises! Uncover all of its secrets in the exciting adventures!
Upgrade and equip your character to destroy the most dangerous creatures and defeat enemy soldiers!
Fight alongside your allies, including (but not limited to) a faithful cyborg dog named Fido!
Collect resources and multiply your wealth! Gather more and more by building mines or by opening electronic locks with a special interface consisting of multiple interesting mini games.
Allies and enemies await! You will gain new friends, but you’ll also meet sinister enemies... And don’t forget about greedy competitors whom you’ll fight in PvP battles!

Media about us:
Mobile games have come a long way in recent years and now some gaming apps rival in quality and technical brilliance even some of the console titles. Evolution: Battle for Utopia, recently released by My.com is one of the newest gems to hit the Google Play. – Examiner.com
Looks great. No ridiculous energy mechanic. Features a surprisingly entertaining touch screen combat system. – GameZebo.com
Where Evolution: Battle for Utopia succeeds most is in the overall narrative. There's a ton of backstory to all of your crew, the enemies, and the environment, paired with beautifully rendered cutscenes that show your ship transforming into your base and other portions of the planet being terraformed for habitable use. It's definitely a nice surprise to see a lot more time and detail put into modes beyond the standard gameplay. – GameRevolution.com
So far, it’s been a well balanced system and, all things considered, Evolution: Battle for Utopia has plenty of treats waiting for Strategy-RPG fans to delight in. – 148Apps.com

From space adventures to post apocalypse! From galaxy exploration to stalking the stalkers!
Meet the Evolution!

Evolution: Battle for Utopia APK reviews

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Eunice Faye Abdon review Eunice Faye Abdon
this is it!
not boring... no long waiting for upgrades... nice graphics and the story line is worth reading... great work guys... keep it up!
Myron Ens review Myron Ens
In game ad
If you do not stop bothering me with your latest game ads I will stop playing and remove this game.
Paul XD review Paul XD
Nice one guys .
I hope its not like a pay to win type of game . Still this is a good game and i'm enjoying it . Great job ...
Dylzan Horn review Dylzan Horn
It is a great game but it says I have to fix buildings when seconds after they were fine and I wasn't attacked please fix.
Amethyst Celia review Amethyst Celia
So close yet so far.
Good try. But there is just to much I don't like about it.
Wendell Littlejohn review Wendell Littlejohn
Great, so far.
Pretty neat game. Great graphics, fun play. Keeps you going!
Jignesh Patel review Jignesh Patel
It's really good to play nothing wrong with the game and really great graphics
Ken Joel review Ken Joel
Too quick to grab diamonds in game. Saving up for some stuff and diamonds went with speed ups of turret upgrade. Silly money grab. Revised rating. I am stating the fact that the interface is bad. Slight double misclick lead to loss of diamonds.
Steve Waterford review Steve Waterford
You can theoretically beat this game without paying for resources.... BUT; Simple things like grenades and cartriges cost a stupid amount of resources to get. More resources than you can earn in even 2 or more battles. You don't accumulate enough resources to get the updates you need unless you wait for days or weeks. If the developer was more realistic about the use of resources it would be a much better game. UPDATE: Takes a while to make progress but it gets better once you get the first few upgrades.
Lupo Manuele review Lupo Manuele
After long time I've installed it again but it's too difficult
I start playing this game a while ago and I did enjoy it. Now I've installed it again but I can't go forward. I always doing mini games to earn enough to train my fellas and bomb. 5 days to kill one npc :-( it's great but too difficult. Add: with the latest update seems getting even better adding more opportunities and less pay to win. Good work.
Billy Moore review Billy Moore
Cool game, but
Game is corrupted and I cant reset the game. When I restart the game the corrupt message is still showing!!!!! HELP, I REALLY LOVE THIS GAME.
rebecca meyers review rebecca meyers
Don't know if it's 5 star yet but it's very entertaining so far. Good combination of tasks puzzles and building.
Silviano Huertero review Silviano Huertero
It deleted my game off my device
I was at level 60 and I just lost all my game progress and items that I had got can u guys fix this and give me back the things i had
Cyclone Art review Cyclone Art
automatic battle system?
Is this just in the beginning of the game orrr???
John Hardwick review John Hardwick
Nice first person shooter It's a low level halo but nice.