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Build alliances and conquer rival kings in MMO battle. Defend your castle from enemies and fight a medieval war with epic PvP strategy. With a custom palace and formidable army, you could rule the Four Kingdoms!

Conquer kings and defend your kingdom in this epic PvP strategy game. Do you have what it takes to rule an empire, fight enemies, defend your castle and build a growing army to dominate the Four Kingdoms? With this epic MMO game, you can employ cunning strategy to defend your kingdom, wisely choose your alliances to fight with you in battle and create a resourceful army.

Download Empire: Four Kingdoms and join millions of players in this award-winning multiplayer strategy and medieval war game. With powerful rulers, fierce battles and strategic masterminds, your best PvP battle skills will come to the fore.

Empire Four Kingdoms: TOP 5 REASONS TO DOWNLOAD
1. Fight enemies and battle rival kingdoms with tons of different weapons & 50 different units
2. Build, customize and expand your castle to a mighty fortress. Defend your palace from an invading empire in this MMO war game
3. Alliances with kings & other players help you to conquer rival clans and gain territory on an interactive map
4. Build over 60 different constructions, expand your palace & produce and trade resources
5. Enemies advancing towards your palace? Chat with friends or join the huge MMO community & active forum for advice on how to make your kingdom the most powerful of all.

Regular updates with new and improved features make this the number one medieval strategy game. Take part and play in community events, discover new research levels and try out new Combo Tools in the latest update.

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* This app is completely free to play. Additionally, it offers optional in-app purchases.
This game requires an internet connection.

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Empire: Four Kingdoms APK reviews

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Ujjwal Soni review Ujjwal Soni
I don't like this game
The first problem is rubies to buying by real money 2nd problem the time to upgrade and build the building
Benjamin Bohn review Benjamin Bohn
unused friendly
after an hr still could not connect mobile app game to pc
Rohit bandekar review Rohit bandekar
Intelligence game
Super I will attack more castles wow update bonus must me 300 rubies and if we download suggested games we must get some bonus on rubies coins and resources best one everyone should play excellent love this wow
namachivayam namachivayam review namachivayam namachivayam
I Like the Game
Very good entertainments, and brain using the game.
Joseph Joe review Joseph Joe
Awesome war game!
This is the most powerful international war game i ever seen :)
Paul Rovira review Paul Rovira
Love it but doesn't work
The game doesn't work anymore on my s6. It freezes and skips constantly. Unplayable
Achiever YouTube review Achiever YouTube
Really fun and you do not have to buy rubies to be good.
Mark Villanueva review Mark Villanueva
Game play!
Can someone email me? I got a email from good games to come back and play.. But I can't log on to my old account.. Please help asap
Sam Jones review Sam Jones
This game is really good but it takes too long to build stuff
Kevyn Jonez review Kevyn Jonez
Cool Game
I mean you can't get rubies at a fast rate without buying them, and the build time for certain things gets ridiculous, but other than that not too bad.
josh mizzi review josh mizzi
Fun to play but adds
OK the game is good. But there are so many adds and please if I have a "special offer" and don't accept it, can you give me the option to hide the add. So I'm not forced to have a countdown blocking out my screen.
Arif Aisy review Arif Aisy
I love this game because it's all about how to manage military and to build our own empire.. Event I played Clash of Clans, this game is the best that I've ever played..
Johnny Blaze review Johnny Blaze
So little similarly-leveled people near me!
carol krahn review carol krahn
When I started this game it was fun. But each time they update.. they find a way to make you use more and more rubies (which you have to pay for if you want to get anywhere in this game) now I hear they're bringing in a monthly fee. These guys really love their money. So unless you want to spend an ridiculous amount of money.. I wouldn't play this game.
Mohamed Abdalla review Mohamed Abdalla
WOrst game ever
Horrible game I hate it, don't download it you'll regret it