eBoox new: Reader for fb2 epub zip books APK

eBoox new: Reader for fb2 epub zip books
eBoox new: Reader for fb2 epub zip books screenshot 1eBoox new: Reader for fb2 epub zip books screenshot 2eBoox new: Reader for fb2 epub zip books screenshot 3eBoox new: Reader for fb2 epub zip books screenshot 4eBoox new: Reader for fb2 epub zip books screenshot 5eBoox new: Reader for fb2 epub zip books screenshot 6eBoox new: Reader for fb2 epub zip books screenshot 7eBoox new: Reader for fb2 epub zip books screenshot 8eBoox new: Reader for fb2 epub zip books screenshot 9
Here is eBoox 2.0 - the most pleasant reader for fb2, epub, mobi, etc. books for Android.

Smoothed adaptive icon, automatical transfer of all your data from old eBoox and optimized stuffing - it's about eBoox 2.0. But it’s still the same - fast, easy, free. With no ads but with purring kittens. Please install it, 'cause the old eBoox will soon stop working.

Install the new eBoox, open it - and our magic red cat will copy all your data from your old eBoox. And tell you when you can remove the old eBoox.

- Free reader with no ads
- Read more comfortable: we picked up the optimal reading settings and added a night mode
- Read faster: instant page loading
- Download books to the reader quickly and easily
- New convenient and cute interface (cuter, than cats and unicorns!)
- Books catalogs in different languages
- Sync your files to read books in all your Android devices
- Support team that hears its users

Reading books of all formats: fb2, epub, doc, docx, mobi, prc, txt, rtf, odt, html, cbr, cbz. Also ereader allows you to read zip and rar archives of ebooks.
Convenient loading of books into the reader from any folders of the phone and SD-card, from the cloud or browsers.
We downloaded four books for you so you can try our reader.

We've added the ability to select text on multiple pages. Highlight the text, drag your finger to the bottom right corner - then the page will turn and you will be able to continue to select text.

We'll make the reader even better in the next updates. 'Cause we care.

eBoox: ebook reader is the best way to read books for free! :)

eBoox new: Reader for fb2 epub zip books APK reviews

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Alexei Timofeev review Alexei Timofeev
The most convenient application for reading books.
Stacie Mar review Stacie Mar
Really love this app and use it on a daily basis ?
Pasha MGK review Pasha MGK
Fast, easy, comfortable. Best reader for your phone.
Martish Rochelle Serrano review Martish Rochelle Serrano
The best ebook app so far ??♥
Kristy S review Kristy S
I started to use this app, when the other app I was using started to glitch everytime I opened it. While I loved Prestigio, I am really liking how easy this app is to use (it's only been a week since I started using ebook). If I could change a few things, it'd be nice if we could see several or our previously opened books and if the novels were on a "bookshelf" :) . Also if we could group it not only by author, like in a drop down, but also by book type. Thanks for the new update. The transition was painless
Вероника Белова review Вероника Белова
I deleted all my old readers when I had downloaded this one! Thank you for the best application for reading I have ever seen :) Please, add the function of favorite books, or bookshelf, to find them quickly. And it would be nice have possibility to change a cover of book. But it's still a pretty program!
Joshua Inoc review Joshua Inoc
I love how simple it is especially the usefulness of the synchronization and the ad-free experience! Please add editing book information, night mode's text as grey option for white text really hurts my eyes then this app would be the perfect ebook reader for me!
kimmeh kimmeh review kimmeh kimmeh
Thought the old version couldn't get any better. But it just did! Kudos to the hardworking people behind this Amazing app! MORE POWER! ?
Sophie Hardman review Sophie Hardman
BRILLIANT AMAZING LUV IT SO GOOD. ITS THW ONLY APP I READ ON. Plus the whole idea of a cute cat for a book reader is totally BOMB. Customization of app is beautiful too. It's super easy to use and there are no ads *thank you so much I love you*
Alexandr Popov review Alexandr Popov
I have written to you a while ago about one feature I(and I suppose a lot of other people) would like to see. It is a black theme for AMOLED, OLED and other type of screens. Because as you know black color on the screens is the way for longer battery work and seems much better. So I hope you'll hear me and make it right?
Михаил Кузьмич review Михаил Кузьмич
I think this app needs in auto-sync with cloud because sometimes you forget do it regulary - annoying , when you don' t have a connect with internet or you take another device your files are not in cloud
Luci review Luci
Favorite reader ever. Cute and simple, but has everything I need exactly the way I need it. I sort of wish I could change the cover of my imported files, though, since I read more downloaded stuff from the internet than actual books, but whatever.
Konstantin Maysak review Konstantin Maysak
No words, it's fantastic brilliant reader, it lets u to read and not be disturbed with any offers or adds either other shite
Aiva Light review Aiva Light
It's a really good reader, but on my opinion, if to add an option to upload a book cover from the internet while editing the book - it'd be wonderful. It'd be very helpful for kids to choose a book to read.
Pavel Ibrahim review Pavel Ibrahim
It's a great app! One of my wishes: make a button or something that can group books which you can later name. This will make it easier and more organised, thanks!

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