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Dragon Project
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A new action- and strategy-based multiplayer role-playing experience, previously ranked #1 in the Japan App Store and Play Store*.
Greetings from the Kingdom of Heiland, where monsters and mysteries of all kinds lurk.

You are a Hunter on a mission: team up with friends to slay monsters, gather precious materials to forge and upgrade your own weapons and armor, then enhance them with Magi to acquire powerful skills. And do them all with one finger, thanks to our easy-to-play, intuitive controls.

✔ Explore the open Kingdom of Heiland in stunning 3D
✔ Meet unique characters and discover their stories
✔ Complete Missions and hunt monsters to gather precious material
✔ Hundreds of ferocious monsters from fearsome Fiends to mighty Behemoths
✔ Join forces with friends in real-time co-op play
✔ Dual Blades or one mighty Bow? Pick from five classes of weapons to match your style
✔ Mix and match to create mighty weapon & armor combinations
✔ Gain powerful skills when you enhance your equipment with Magi
✔ Easy and intuitive one-finger gameplay

Official Website: http://gogame.net/dragonproject/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DragonProjectGlobal/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/DragonProjectGL
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/dragonprojectglobal/

Support: [email protected]
Privacy Policy: http://gogame.net/privacy-policy
Terms of Service: http://gogame.net/terms-of-services

*Ranked #1 in the Japan App Store and Japan Play Store on 4 June 2016 and 5 June 2016 respectively.

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