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This is a high precision and insanely beautiful digital compass.

Useful features:
• Latitude, longitude and address
• Full-screen map
• True heading and magnetic heading
• Magnetic strength
• Slope level meter
• Sensor status

• Do not use the app with magnetic covers.
• If you encounter a direction error, calibrate your phone by waving the device in a figure 8, two or three times.

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Digital Compass APK reviews

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innertwist review innertwist
I like the layout and simplicity of this compass. I was having trouble with accuracy, and after reading several reviews I clearly wasn't the only one. Everytime I'd reopen it or return from the settings menu it would open back up with a wildly different direction identified as north. After a few times it showed an infinity looking symbol which I pressed, and that was for calibration. It works fine after calibrating. Samsung Galaxy S5.
Curtis Ruise review Curtis Ruise
I'm not usually into rating apps but this one deserves it. I used this app and a few others while on a walk with my kids that zig zaged through our town which was 2.5 miles give or take an few yards, I know this by preplaned route. This app I think was as accurate as my old compass and also has a built in map which is nice. I played around with a few other compass apps and this one is good I didn't have any bugs or issues otherwise, it has a nice feature of having a mapp accsessible in app. I'm not sure what the point of the magnetic field thing is used for. Over all it's a good app and I don't see anything to complain about, like I said appears to be good useful and accurate.
Jay Pal review Jay Pal
Good. Make it add free.
Sarah Correia review Sarah Correia
Much like iphone compass. My grandpa and I were outside with my science project and we needed his phone compass... Worked great! But when i had to leave I downloaded this compass app which looks and works like the iphone compass this is so great... Can't say the same for how my project is going tho, but the compass makes it a bit easier. Thank you!
Lukas Brunnor review Lukas Brunnor
Simple, elegent, powerful.
Mo Bennett review Mo Bennett
So why does it work for some people and not others? Second compass app to be downloaded, both give different readings, if they didn't have a serious purpose it would be humerous. Align both apps with manual compass and there's a variance of 100 to 70 degrees, what use is that for a hill walker? Is the problem the magnetic fastenings of the phone case?
Quote a reliable app
shijith j review shijith j
This is a great application that I have seen ever.
It doesn't work...
...I'm wondering how they calibrate these compass apps. I've downloaded two and both are wrong and give different bearings sitting still in the same place so I know it's not my phone. Plus there IS NO CALIBRATION OPTION to select, rather it pops up at random, and has no effect.
Raman deep singh review Raman deep singh
Excellent accuracy
Hassan Anwaar review Hassan Anwaar
It is good
Samiran Saha review Samiran Saha
Ronald Lapuz review Ronald Lapuz
Best of the BEST!!
North! South! East ! West! Excellent. No worries! Fast response, what else do u need! ~_^
John Ng review John Ng
Fastest rotation response time I've seen, has ads, but they're only on the settings page and don't block anything. Melikes!
Scott Critchfield review Scott Critchfield
At least 180 off at all times - no calibration feature. If you believe that the sun rises in the southwest, you'll love it. $1.79 that I'll never recover. Don't waste your time or money.