Bruce Lee: Enter The Game APK

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Fight for justice as the greatest martial artist of all time – BRUCE LEE!

Defeat thousands of enemies with powerful attacks in amazing, non-stop, 2-D action.

Victory is at your fingertips!

You are the Master
Play with the signature style and sounds authentic to the one and only BRUCE LEE.

Intuitive Gameplay
Use simple swipe mechanics to punch or jump kick your enemies while landing big COMBOS.

40 Action-Packed Levels
Battle the BOSS after grinding your way through hordes of henchmen - while saving your friends and achieving other OBJECTIVES along the way.

Unleash the FURY!
Charge up FURY MODE to deliver a series of attacks with blinding speed and tremendous force!

Need A Boost?
Start the level with a special power-up like NUMBING PAIN to triumph over your opponents.

Gear Up!
Unlock mighty weapons, like the NUNCHAKU, and other special items as you gain experience.

Endurance Mode
Prepare yourself to face endless foes while climbing global LEADERBOARDS for the most K.O.’s.

Get rewarded with the Daily Challenge
Play every day to get your Daily Reward by beating our increasingly difficult challenges.

BRUCE LEE: ENTER THE GAME is the only officially licensed video game approved by the Bruce Lee Estate.

Bruce Lee: Enter The Game APK reviews

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Chevonne Wyngaard review Chevonne Wyngaard
The one thing I hate
Hate the game
Zackery Ratliff review Zackery Ratliff
Great game
Very good combat
Lacoste Simpson review Lacoste Simpson
Fun game 2 play
Matt Larcombe review Matt Larcombe
Good fun and addictive, completed now anymore updates???
chace morehead review chace morehead
This game... is the holiest of molies.
Mr. Criminal review Mr. Criminal
It crashes just right after once loading is done!! Fix it ASAP .
Kayla Gardner review Kayla Gardner
Love it
I like kicking people's a############
blaze bladers review blaze bladers
Best fighting game ever
Jagdish Sukale review Jagdish Sukale
I loved it so much fights are super
Seghart Calayag review Seghart Calayag
Its ok
I will Rate 5 stars but the animation
Harith Izudin review Harith Izudin
Still cannot play
ettienne bruinette review ettienne bruinette
I love it. It feels like been him and doing his moves, it's awesome
Chris Light review Chris Light
So fun
Awesome game love it
Frank Barboza review Frank Barboza
My favorite game right now! Cold as fu©k!
La Pryor review La Pryor
New phone lost everything
All my achievements are all still here but started me all over, and I spent around 35.99 bad deal.