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★ God’s holy words any moment for a blessed day! ★

Bible Offline - Holy Bible application is used by Christians from more than 200 countries in 40 languages to pray and receive the Holy Word.

The app was created to spread and facilitate the study of the Christian Bible, through biblical texts, audios and all the features it has.

This light and friendly application can accompany you everywhere, making the Word of God accessible at any time for a blessed day.


The Team who has elaborated and keeps improving this oficial application(*) believes that God’s Word must reach everyone easily, quickly and clearly.

Our App was the first offline Bible on the app stores and now there are Christians from more than 168 countries and 74 languages that use it.

◉ Image sharing of verses
◉ Search, Favorite and Note
◉ Color Assigning Labels
◉ Sharing Versicles
◉ Devotionals, Hymnal, Biblical Plans, Biblical Dictionary, and Biblical Map.
◉ Complete content to read psalms in the Old Testament;
◉ Book list of the holy word in alphabetic order:
◉ Support for Android Wear, with devotions in your watch;
◉ Included content to read psalms;
◉ Read verse of the day;
◉ Application installation of the holy bible app on SD card;
◉ Biblical dictionary with more than 900 words;
◉ Option to remove ads.


o Reading Plans: several Reading Plans that can help you study Bible texts or specific topics.

o Bible Themes> find verses according to biblical themes. There are more than 700 themes.

o Audio: audio versions for all translations, including NIV Live Audio, with Oscar winning cast and renowned Pastors. The audio is synchronized with the reading of the verses.

o Reading Progress: users can mark the chapters as "read" and can track the percentages of what they have read in relation to each book, the whole Bible, and the Old and New Testaments.

o Versicles: resources to highlight, mark with colours, copy, add personal notes, share verses on social networks and a Verse of the Day Widget.

o Book Introduction: read the main information and curiosities about the 66 books of the Bible.

o Searching System: option for the whole Bible, Old Testament, New Testament or separate by book. Users can type more than one word or parts of the verses and also do voice search.

o Reading Comfort: Adapt word size, choose the font and activate nocturnal reading mode.

o Geochurch and Events: this feature will help you find churches and events close to you. Add events from your church.


More than 75 translations of the holy bible in different languages to read the free bible. Among them:

• NIV (New International Version 2011)
• King James in English
• Reina Valera in Spanish
• Luther's Bible in German
• the original Greek and Hebrew,
• and many others

Audio versions to the holy word for all translations of the holy bible, including NIV Live Audio, with Oscar winning cast and renowned Pastors that read holy bible versicles. Listen to the audio bible and be close to God and Jesus anywhere!

(*) Official Application = according to copyright, including authorized content.

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Bible Offline APK reviews

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Dam Poo review Dam Poo
best bible apps
love it... easy to handle with lots of options
Lionel Pietersen review Lionel Pietersen
Spiritually informed
It's great to knw you have the living word with you all the time. You can read a script anywhere and learn more about the word of God....
fmasonw review fmasonw
Like it
Haven't used it very long so I'm not familiar with all of the features but I like it.
Keith Irey review Keith Irey
Bible offline
Many different bible KJV, nkjn, NIT, NIV, NLT, and more!
Linda Jones review Linda Jones
Love it. Handy for quick references.
Bann Makan review Bann Makan
Dr. Makan
It's easy to use.
Glenn Dulaney review Glenn Dulaney
Bible Offline
Great Bible without any extras but still good for following without distractions.
Ernest Furtado review Ernest Furtado
Blessed every day
What a great gift to be able to access the word anytime anywhere..
R. Roosa review R. Roosa
Great resource
This offline Bible is gor anyone who wishes to stay in touch with God during those times when you are not able to be at Church. I read from the offline Bible daily. I hope you will give it a chance. It will change your life.
Cliff Xuan review Cliff Xuan
Remove ads button is still present when the ads are removed.
ThiagØ Sousa review ThiagØ Sousa
I liked so much the old version and this update goes beyond! Congratulations!
Chow Peggy V review Chow Peggy V
Great work
Useful and efficient
Richard Hurst review Richard Hurst
Lose the ads
If it rates free...why the ads
Carlos Yñiguez review Carlos Yñiguez
Bible sharing
Love it!! Great tool to use to share the gospel
José Angel Rodríguez review José Angel Rodríguez
Bible offline is great.
I can choose the language l want to read the bible in. I recommend it openly.