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Scan barcodes on products, or Data Matrix and QR Codes containing URLs, contact info, etc.

Almost every question and negative review comment is addressed by one of the following. Please save everyone time by reading these first:

Nobody is stealing your information. The app allows you to share contacts, apps, and bookmarks in a QR Code. This is why contacts permissions are needed. See "Visit Developer Website" below ( ).

If your device is not scanning, first try workarounds for device bugs in Settings. Enable all of them, and then try disabling one at a time to determine which is necessary. If this does not help, try clearing the device cache and settings from Android settings.

If these still do not work and you believe there is an app problem, send a message with the following information. Messages without this information can't be acted on, so are ignored.

- Device type
- A basic description of what does not work: crashes? does not scan? looks strange?
- Acknowledgement that you tried the steps above first
- A device log capture from when it starts

Barcode Scanner APK reviews

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Bar Na review Bar Na
Nothing special.
Scans barcodes no problem, but doesn't show any price info like in the sample screenshots. The product and web search are the same, just opens browser to Google search results. So far I only tried it to scan some regular barcodes.
Scott Freeman review Scott Freeman
Barcode scanner
This is the best barcode scanner I have ever downloaded its scans every barcode I have ever tried to utilize in very detailed in-depth analysis
Mary L Schneider review Mary L Schneider
Horrible Customer Responses
I actually rarely use this and was trying to decide if I should keep it. After seeing the responses from the app people I'm definitely uninstalling this app. I've worked retail for over 30 years. Hey app people your customer help team should all be FIRED! Reputation and word of mouth keep you going. My attitude!Really? Free or not your attitude towards people who use your app is horrible! Free or not you want people to use it you treat people right. You're not doing it for freeYou get $from somewhere
Andrew Savy review Andrew Savy
Scanned a barcode today for work with the hope that this app would give me the code type. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that it did. The value was there to cross compare as well as Code_39. Exactly the information I needed at exactly the right time.
Jeremy Leishman review Jeremy Leishman
Kinda like the idea of what they want me to do it is a good time and place in my opinion on what to expect and deserve and that is privileged confidential and may contain confidential information intended only for the use of the individual sender and destroy the material in this email is intended solely those who have a good day for you and I have a good idea to have you been able at any rate it is addressed.
A Google User review A Google User
Definitely an improvement
This app has come a long way since its conception. With faster read times, and auto open, it's the best, lightest, barcode scanning app on the store to date.
Nobel Hansen review Nobel Hansen
It reads the bar code. But doesnt tell you really nothing about the product, not even the price. . You have to web search it, and it pretty much tells you exactly what the label says.
Nathan hill review Nathan hill
Doesn't work for me
It has never scanned anything for me whatsoever I even installed three different types of barcode scanner apps none of them work if someone has a better way of using it please let me know I have to be very still and I have a lg phone with a perfect camera so useless apps to me
Holly Owens review Holly Owens
Barcode scanner
Great app, I used it before with a different phone and have never had any issues.
Leone Tjader review Leone Tjader
So far, so good
Ive used other barcode scanners but they took forever to load & were very hard to get a proper picture of the item I was trying to scan. This one takes the picture itself so it gets it roght everytime.
Davis Tibbz review Davis Tibbz
Works for both QR codes and Barcodes. Can read and also create barcodes from anything - text, contact, web address etc. Super!
Betty Hernandez review Betty Hernandez
;at code
Real excited don't have to look for store scanners. OK ask workers for price. It will safe time. Thanks
Simon Taylor review Simon Taylor
Works fine
Scans in seconds just wait for camera to focus in and bink. .. tried on loads of codes worked on every one 5*
Nth Nth review Nth Nth
Worth it!!
Nothing to say , scan it then search product , the rest will be taken care by google search , i've tried the 2 different barcode scanner apps before , bit this is the best out of them
P Keller Ferrell review P Keller Ferrell
Can't get it to work...
I've tried different settings, but so far no go. I had another QR reader which worked exactly as I wanted it as soon as installed, but I wanted something smaller. And whether the problem is the app, my device, or me - I want something that'll work like I want as soon I drive it off the lot, not something I have to fix and adjust or "work at" to get it to do what I want. But I appreciate the develepors' efforts to provide this free app & can see it works well for others - so all the best.