aww: reddit pictures widget APK

aww: reddit pictures widget
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"aww" is a homescreen and lockscreen widget that displays pictures from any subreddit on View cat pictures, space photos, and more.

**NOTE: Please run "aww setup" if widgets are not appearing in widgets list.**

* 2x2, 4x2, 4x4 widget sizes
* Widget resizing is enabled for Android 3.1+
* Lockscreen support for Android 4.2+
* Automatic refresh interval
* One-click navigation between images
* Light frame, dark frame, and frameless option
* List of suggested picture subreddits
* Save images
* Share images
* Open comments in a reddit app or the Browser
* Multiple widgets can automatically pick non-overlapping pictures to show at the same time
* Option to auto refresh and prefetch on wifi only

Includes cat photo by Nicolas Esposito --

aww: reddit pictures widget APK reviews

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Robert Roeder review Robert Roeder
App Not Installed.
Can't use it. Refunded.
Erik McGregor review Erik McGregor
Live wallpaper
Can you please make this into a live wallpaper. I would love you long time
Mariano Martins review Mariano Martins
Cats... What else?
Simple app, works well
Tristam Rowell review Tristam Rowell
Wicked app
It's delightful and simplistic to see pictures directly from reddit are ripped to a widget. I love your work, keep it up.
Molly Elizabeth review Molly Elizabeth
I'm loving the ability to view /r/glitch_art and /r/woahdude on my homescreen! It'd be cool if I could upvote from the widget, though, without entering app. Still an awesome companion to reddit is fun. Edit: I've been using about a month now, and this app accumulates data way too fast: 1st week data was 33MB(!) Please fix, or allow move to SD card, I keep having to clear data and reconfigure widget every couple of days, but I really like app and don't want to uninstall.
Andrew D review Andrew D
I was looking for a photo widget to use with Aviate that would display pretty much like the default one (except I wanted one that rotated some cool images). I used this and set it to the the earthporn subreddit and it does exactly what I want.
Ben Helliwell review Ben Helliwell
Asus Nexus 7
Fantastic widget. Nothing like a new kitten greeting me every time I pick up my tablet! However I do have one problem. The bottom right 'speech bubble' button does not seem to do anything. I would assume it would open the comments to the reddit link, but nothing happens. It would be awesome if this could be addressed!
Danny Carter review Danny Carter
does what it says on the tin. great widgets, great price. tyvm :-)
Cyber Valdez review Cyber Valdez
Missing widgets and no resizing in Galaxy S2 ICS
I hope this can be fixed as i really want it resized in my phone.
Mandev K. review Mandev K.
Easy, no problems
Francisco Nopales review Francisco Nopales
Well done. Just what I was looking for.
Still could use a couple more options like better sorting. Overall 8/10
Michelle Farrar review Michelle Farrar
Super worthy
Tom Garnett review Tom Garnett
Excellent app.
Great app, many thanks to the developers
Petter Cesarini review Petter Cesarini
Simple and entertaining
A very simple app that is just great at what it does.
kymberli williamson review kymberli williamson
Love this <3
This always cheers me up and brings a smile to my face no matter what kind of day I'm having, thnx