Anti Mosquitoes Prank APK

Anti Mosquitoes Prank
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WARNING! This mosquito repelling app is not confirmed by science so treat it like a prank!
This app prevents mosquitoes from biting you by emitting high frequency ultrasound from your phone that repels them away from the source of the sound.
High frequency Sounds which are beyond the hearing sense of human ears.

Sonic mosquito repellent generates powerful high frequency sounds that mimic sounds of mosquitoes natural predators.

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Anti Mosquitoes Prank APK reviews

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Nice app
Worked well. A must have on every phone. Used 15KHz and effect was immediate.
This is really good very interesting keep it up I like this
Great is a small word Finally found the best repellent app
Ehtisham ul Haq review Ehtisham ul Haq
After bitten several time by merciless bloody mosquitos. I've downloaded this app in the middle of the night...haha after using the app the mosquitos seemed to run away but. I'll try it again tonight more thoroughly. I always mute the cell phone sound when I go to bed. I wonder if I need to turn on the volume of cell phone when running this app?
Nida Gul review Nida Gul
Worked for me!
Helped me to save the night of those merciless bloody b*****ards they all disappeared the same moment I have launched this
Fatima Khan review Fatima Khan
Mess up with mosquitos.... download it now this is great app hope everyone will like it
Nice When I try to sleep you can hear the buzz of a mosquito getting closer and its like 23:45 right now. Need to sleep!
Shahid ali review Shahid ali
Needed One!
its very helpful in getting red of mosquitos just play the sound and enjoy the peace :D
good app I like it
I hate this apps, too many ads
Jamshed khan review Jamshed khan
Hahaha goog for entertainment I enjoy a :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) ......
Ashok Rawat review Ashok Rawat
Nice app
JD Wu review JD Wu
Requires permissions and video ads make it almost unusable.