2048 Number puzzle game APK

2048 Number puzzle game
2048 Number puzzle game screenshot 12048 Number puzzle game screenshot 22048 Number puzzle game screenshot 32048 Number puzzle game screenshot 42048 Number puzzle game screenshot 52048 Number puzzle game screenshot 62048 Number puzzle game screenshot 72048 Number puzzle game screenshot 82048 Number puzzle game screenshot 92048 Number puzzle game screenshot 102048 Number puzzle game screenshot 112048 Number puzzle game screenshot 122048 Number puzzle game screenshot 132048 Number puzzle game screenshot 14
Fun and addictive mobile version of 2048 game and most perfect number puzzle game for Android! Explore deep challenge for your mind!

Swipe to move the tiles, when two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one. When a 2048 tile is created, the player wins! 8 .. 16 ... 1024 .. 2048

+ Game is automatically autosaved
+ Three unique game modes
+ Unlimited Undo mode
+ Survival Time mode
+ X-tile mode
+ Night theme for playing in bed
+ Leaderboards & Achievements
+ Beautiful and simple UI
+ Keep playing for High-score after collected 2048 tile

...We're Listening To You...

[Improvements history]
+Noticeable performance improvements on all devices
+Added Google Play Leaderbooard
+Added option to save game state and continue later on
+Added possibility to continue game after collected 2048 tile
+Added 2 Game modes Pro/Beginner
+Added Sounds & Music
+Added Night mode

Enjoy the game!

2048 Number puzzle game APK reviews

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Muhammad Irfan review Muhammad Irfan
Lorin Killian review Lorin Killian
Sooooo awsome
Ana Marie review Ana Marie
Simply additive..
Radik Raspopin review Radik Raspopin
Ошибка с сохранением
Запускаю приложение и оно выдает ошибку, что файл сохранения не найден и весь прогресс сброшен. Я почти дошел до предела игры. Рекорд более 3,5милионов, максимальный блок 131072 и далее по уменьшению. Мне осталось собрать совсем немного. Очень жаль, мне нравилось ваше приложение
Sophia Woolfe review Sophia Woolfe
So cool and adictive
SP Fanatic review SP Fanatic
Extremely addictive
Adarsh Murthy review Adarsh Murthy
Good one
Gary Newman review Gary Newman
Annoying ads pop-up during game
I really enjoy this game but as of late there have bee really annoying pop-up adverts during actual game play! Probably going to uninstall and look for something else.
Tara Lee review Tara Lee
This is the most challenging that I have ever played. I still haven't completed it yet. The highest tile that I have spawned was 1024. So close! Well, atleast I am more than halfway there
Rohan Nanda review Rohan Nanda
It's so easy
I loved it
Hannah Densley review Hannah Densley
Coolest app !!
I love this app it really gets you thinking !!
Ellie Spurgeon review Ellie Spurgeon
I hate it
Renee Bell review Renee Bell
Great game
When the world around me is crazy, I just check out and check into 2048 & all is well.
Jumaiza Samsudin review Jumaiza Samsudin
Tinna Chloe review Tinna Chloe
It is good