2048 for Chromecast APK

2048 for Chromecast
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2048 cooperative multiplayer game on your TV, using Chromecast.


You can connect as many simultaneous devices as the Chromecast can handle.
Or play by yourself.
Each player takes turns making moves.

Based on the 2048 game created by Gabriele Cirulli.

Original game website: git.io/2048

2048 for Chromecast APK reviews

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sabi bajala review sabi bajala
Robin Vossen review Robin Vossen
Love it smazing solo player puzzle aswell
James Lomax review James Lomax
Just got a error for some reason its adding my only chromecast connection as 2nd player. Which makes the game unplayable :-(
Michael Rogers review Michael Rogers
Needs responsiveness improvements
If this had the visual appeal of timely and responsiveness of Pandora it would be addictive
Dark Justice review Dark Justice
Fun, but buggy
Controls are a bit off. I swipe up, and the tiles move down. Sometimes, it doesn't respond at all, and I have to make a move I don't want to get it to respond.
Iain Fothergill review Iain Fothergill
Three of us played this for three hours straight. And we still didn't make 2048
Franco Camacho review Franco Camacho
Great app. Problems lately
So, I can't play this game alone. Everytime I open the app, it keeps adding a player, which is me. Can you fix the problem?
A.Safa Topbas review A.Safa Topbas
Excellent work
Big family fun, deserves applause...
Trevor Smith review Trevor Smith
Herminio vega review Herminio vega
Great game
Works flawlessly
Paul Puri review Paul Puri
Don't do it!
One more game. I can get high score. I can win!!!!!!!
Crystal Hawkins review Crystal Hawkins
A lot of fun. Single or multi player. No bugs or ads. Great work.
Albano Kofsha review Albano Kofsha
Beatiful and wrks great
It has a very good usage of chromecast and mobile, the usage of mobile as remote comes very natural
Jesse B review Jesse B
cast to begin
hit cast to begin and nothing happens
Saurabh Kulkarni review Saurabh Kulkarni
It's not the best for single player
There's quite a bit of lag. That sort of makes it hard to play. But the multiplayer feature sounds cool. I haven't tried it yet, and I doubt I ever will. Uninstalled, because I found a better Chromecast 2048 app. 3* for functional + 1* for multiplayer.

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